Keep Michelle's 24 Hour Fitness Cardio Mix Class Saturday 9am

Diane Schachat
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Keep Michelle's Cardio Mix Class Saturday 9am 

Michelle M has been attracting 50-60 people every week to her  Saturday and Sunday Cardio Mix classes at the UTC 24 Hour Fitness for over 20 years. Many long-standing members only belong to 24 Hour Fitness so they may attend these 9am classes. 

Now that the new UTC facility is built, management has decided to move Michelle's Cardio Mix class to 8am on a Saturday, and teach yoga at 9am, disregarding the popularity of this class, marketing statistics and the requests of many many 24 Hour Fitness members. 

This move suggests that management is only interested in attracting new, higher-paying individuals to these classes, and would be happy to see unhappy lower-paying older members leave. 

Thes individuals request that this change be reconsidered, and Michelle's two classes be switched so Michelle would teach yoga at 8am and Cardio Mix at 9am, thus showing due consideration to these devoted, loyal members of 24 Hour Fitness.