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Keep Hunting Alive Stop the Ban Against It

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Us hunter in general get a bad wrap and a bad name, from people calling us "murders"

and saying what we do is "animal cruelty" and thats just not true at all. and people want a ban against hunting, what hunters do is not cruel in anyway the one that stands out the most is "fox hunting" how the evil hunters go out into the woods find and trap a little care free fox and beat it to death or have there dogs attack the little fox..and we leave the dead fox laying somewhere in the woods or field for the whole world to see..let me set things right here,

1.hunters do NOT hunt out of any hate for any animal most hunters, hunt for two reasons one they hunt for food to feed there family, and two to help control animal population, again here i will bring up the fox..foxes are known as a pest and do a lot of damage to farmers fields they dig holes in the fields many times having horses fall in the holes breaking there legs and having to put the horse down...foxes are also known to eat chickens costing farmers there livestock,

many reasons why foxes get hunted by hunters is because farmers are tired of dead chickens and other dead animals around there farms..and also the fox population is out of control and hunters need to help control that..with a ban on fox hunting this is what the world would like it.

foxes would overpopulate (more than they are now) and with more of them, the more they will hunt chickens and other animals bring other animal populations down to almost nothing, with no chickens to lay eggs it will effect humans and with them being overpopulated they will become sick and start dying all around us with less food for them foxes will then starts to find there way to neighborhood and start to pray on house pets cats dogs etc..with the foxes already being sick it can and will carry over to humans the fox population has it 60% of foxes are born with diseases and they can and will be passed on to other animals and humans foxes with diseases (mange) as i said will hunt on house pets. and with less food they will try and finds ways into your home if they are that hungry..and its why hunters must control the fox population as you can see what could happen if hunters were to stop..

hunters do NOT hunt animals for any great love for it but as the saying goes "it's a dirty job but someone gotta do it" for all the stories of hunters doing cruel things to animals it's just NOT true..hunters do NOT leave behind dead foxes for people to find or do they throw them around like they mean nothing to this world..the truth is when it comes to people taken photos and posting them to google or making

youtube videos showing dead animals or showing the animal being hung up dead..the people who post that stuff ARE the ones who killed the animal and make it look cruel to give hunters a bad name..PETA is known for that killing animals and blaming us hunters point proven PETA has killed 99% of animals they save! the story of hunters killing baby/kit/cub animals are just NOT true but members of PETA trying to again give hunters a bad name,

i end this by saying are us as humans overpopulated? yes we are why do you think we see "mysterious" attacks done on people that wipes out a few thousand of us, to pull back our population..keep the fight for hunting alive do not let anymore ban past

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