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Dear Heathrow Community Residents,

We strongly oppose SCPS Rezone plan 748 which proposes to move 28 students who are living within the Heathrow gates to another school zone.We need your strong support to keep the Heathrow resident children in one public school zone. 

Please sign this petition if you are in favor of keeping the rights for all Heathrow children attenading Heathrow Elementary School.

The following letter was sent to Heathrow residents by Ed Holt, President of Heathrow Master Association, on January 17, 2013. “Thank you for your support. Many of you have begun communicating with the School Board in support of keeping Heathrow as a unified community.  In addition, several of you have asked me for some talking points which you could include in your e-mails in using a cut and paste method to create your own personal e-mail.  We believe that unique personal messages are more effective than a bunch of copies of the same letter.  The following are some points that you may choose to include:

Heathrow was created as a single unified community with the original Planned Development approved in August 1974.  The developer committed 45 acres for a future site for an elementary school and a middle school to serve the residents of the Heathrow and the adjacent residential areas.  The gift of the land was made in 1989, permitting the construction of Heathrow Elementary School.  In addition to donating the school site, the developer also built Lake Mary Boulevard from I-4 to Markham Woods Road and Heathrow still maintains the landscaping on both sides and in the median of this major road.

Heathrow is a community of 1963 homes located in unincorporated Seminole County.  It is like a small city fully responsible for maintaining our own streets, streetlights, lakes, landscaping and storm water.  The community is physically designed with 28 Neighborhoods all off of the major entry and exit street – Heathrow Boulevard.  However we operate as a single unified community led by the Heathrow Master Association Board of Directors.qqqqqq
Heathrow residents purchased their homes with a reasonable assumption that their children would be attending Heathrow Elementary School and Markham Woods Middle School.  Parents are active volunteers in the school education and support process and work together from all residential areas in our Community.
In the High School rezoning process a few years ago there were some plan considerations that would have split Heathrow between Seminole HS and Lake Mary HS.  Our Board of Directors requested the School Board to keep Heathrow as a community in one HS and we were zoned for Seminole HS, which has been great with the steady improvements to both the facility and the educational opportunities provided there.  Now we are again requesting that we stay as one community at the elementary school level.
The School Board has two other plans in the final four under current consideration that keep Heathrow unified (Plans 267 – Rezone Plan and Plan 756 – North Phase Z1).  On utilization of capacity, plan 756 meets the school board targets in 9 out of 11 schools while both 267 and 748 only meet the targets in 4 schools.  All three plans are very similar in their achievement of targets on free and reduced lunch but only plans 756 and 267 make progress in increasing that in Heathrow Elementary.  Plan 748 makes it worse.  All three plans are making progress towards decreasing the FRL levels in the 3 schools with the highest current levels.
Bottom line:  Plans 267 and 756 are acceptable to the residents of Heathrow, plan 748 can be modified to become acceptable by either moving the cell 82 back to Heathrow Elementary or splitting the cell and moving the 28 students in Heathrow to a new cell zoned for Heathrow Elementary.
The School Board work session on the North Phase is 1/23/13 at 6PM in the School Board room.  We strongly urge you to immediately contact our School Board representatives, Walt Griffin – District Superintendent at and Tina Calderone – our District 5 School Board Member and clearly make your objections to the plan splitting Heathrow.  For more information, contact Blaine Darrah at


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