Keep fireworks to 5th November only (for Guy Fawks night) - for pets sake!!

Sara Vine
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So many sorry stories about animals being scared, upset, frightened and petrified when this time of year comes round. It is now lasting over several weekends and for any pet owner, it is not fair on our poor suffering friends.

I am sure that many people feel the same and think fireworks are sold to irresponsible people with no idea of the harm they can do and total disregard to animal welfare.

We all love watching fireworks but please lets keep it to one night a year and organised public events.



  • Dawn Castle
    Dawn Castle United Kingdom, Grimsby
    Nov 20, 2013
    Nov 20, 2013
    I totally agree! Why do we allow animals to suffer like this over 3 least. I am fed up of the noise and I know what it is....poor animals are terrified.


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    Nancy Roussy
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    Dawn Castle United Kingdom
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