Keep Coos County CLOSED

Kimberly Small-jonas
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We, the citizens of Coos County, stand in opposition of opening back up our short term rentals (motel, hotel, and privately owned) and parks at this time. We believe that to do so would invite tourism from other, higher incident areas increasing our risk of contracting and possibly suffering an outbreak here. We are concerned that we barely have enough medical resources for our area during a standard flu season and are unsure how our medical system here could possible cope with even moderate numbers of Covid19 cases. We are also concerned with the rising numbers at Shutter Creek, that we may already be headed towards a problem. Governor Brown was clear in her position that in order to move forward with opening back up, we should see a decline in cases. Ours have just begun to rise. Please reconsider your move to reopen our area to short term motel, hotel and park visitors until May 11th, 2020. At that time it can be reconsidered with the advice of medical professionals taken into consideration. If, at that time, it is decided to reopen, please have a safety plan which includes testing, masks and how they will be obtained, and other appropriate guidance and guidelines. We stand together and will get through this together if we all work together. Safety for our citizens must come first.



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