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Demand for proper promotion of KDMHMD by Star Plus

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To Kind Attention: Management Star Plus We are the ardent and obsessed fans of KDMHMD!.This is the only unique show that is airing currently on SP. We simply love the show! The star cast, the story, the presentation is simply superb and its a breather amongst all the shows that are being telecast. This is the only show that we can watch multiple times and still not get bored. We really Thank BT for coming up with such a unique show. SP should also feel proud of getting associated with such unique and fresh show. But there is something about Star plus attitude towards our show that we simply do not like!. We want some reasoning for your actions that we viewers have been observing for more than two months now! 1.Why KDMHMD Is not re-telecasted more than once during the day time Earlier there were two repeat telecasts during day time one at 11.30 am India time and 4.30 pm India time While Bidai and Yeh Rista have more than 3 repeat telecasts during day time. 2. Why KDMHMD is not being properly promoted The serial went through many twist and turns during last 3 months' but hardly any new promos were shown, why The frequency of old promo, which is shown is also very low as compared to other Prime time shows! 3. If you have differences with BT, why are you hell bent upon punishing your viewers for that Why do you forget that it's us who watch your other shows as well and if you don't start giving respect to KDMHMD that it so rightly deserves we may have to switch to some other channel that respects its viewers more than you do!!! 4. Do you realize that KDMHMD has the best lead couple, with best chemistry and brilliant acting skills Then why do you not promote it and cash on it 5. Are you bias towards KDMHMD because it is only BT show that still manages to get good TRPs And you can't stand that because of your conflict with BT Well we must say it is really poor management on your part! Only bad managers would not cash on a serial that has so much potential! And how easily you have forgotten that Star plus is star plus today only because of BT serials! 6. We the viewers are not ready to accept your bias attitude towards our show, a show that is a class above the rest! We are not ready to suffer due to your ignorance and inefficiency in handling and managing things. We want proper promotion of our show and if you dare to close it rest assured we the diehard fans of KDMHMD would never switch to your channel again! 7. As per last TRM ratings our show still manages to be in Top 10 despite proper promotion from Star Plus, it speaks volumes about the potential of the show and how much it is loved! Better open your eyes and accept the reality! 8. You promote all the star cast of Bidai and Yeh rishta every where but you make sure to exploit HC and AG for your benefit, only when you deem fit! Both are brilliant actors and they have proved it in the past 1 year, they deserve promotion and appreciation!!! 9. We do not have any problem with you promoting your other shows, we only want a fair treatment for our show because we haven't seen anything like this before! A serial that's simply different and amazing with a lead couple that takes your breath away the moment shown together in the same frame! 10. We also fear that your bias attitude will continue in SPA 2009 as well and KDMHMD actors and serial would not be given any awards they so rightly deserve! 11. If you are not promoting the show so that the TRPs drop and you find an excuse to close the show, we would like to warn you that if you do not change your attitude and do not start promoting our show we THE VIEWERS OF KDMHMD pledge that we will stop watching ALL your other shows! SO WE THE FANS and LOVERS OF KDMHMD request you to give proper consideration to the show, which it so rightly deserves! Stop being bias and promote healthy competition! Thanks Disappointed & Outraged viewers of Kis Desh Mein Hain Mera Dil

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