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Save KDMHMD Save Premeer

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1) Stop dragging the show hell its been 4 weeks and we still don't know what the badla is all about, its been 2 weeks since Prem's re-entry and we don't know where the hell he had been and what he has been doing! 2) If you are trying to prove to us that harshad is not required in the show or is not the reason behind its success you are soooooooooo wrong! With Harshad in the show has a chance to survive without him it doesn't even stand a chance! Ever since his return we have seen him speak thrice for few seconds!!! Give the guy some dialogues will you please 3) Stop showing so many bloopers, your audience does not consist of idiots, where are your directors Don't they keep continuity sheets Can't they see what they are shooting Can't your editors get a grip of the shots the mix together 4) We do not want a multiple marriage track not in this show atleast We think KDMHMd is different because it was a realistic love story, we adore Premeer and the way they have always stood up for eachother, let it be like that! We don't want them to marry anyone else before marrying eachother that would be the end of show for us. We never want them to be suspicious of eachother as that would negate everything we have been told about them in the serial so far! We want them to be together and fight all evils hand in hand, protecting and standing by each other. 5) If you think your ego is bigger than your viewers and just to prove to us that Prem can't keep up the TRP's well rest assured we would never watch any Balaji serial again! Because we don't want to watch serial of a production house that does not respect us the viewers! Also your show is going down because of the amount of bloopers and dead slow track, neither Prem nor Heer can do anything about it! "Infact Heer and Prem's good performance is being wasted due to directors who have no clue!!! 6) KDMHMD has the advantage of having brilliant actors like harshad and additi, they together make the best onscreen couple, why are you bent upon loosing that advantage instead of using it to raise your TRPs 7) And we do not want Sanjana back, she is dead!!! And we do not like to see dead people walking back into the serials! Yes we wanted it in Prem's case because Prem is the soul of the show, we told you not to kill him in the first place but you never listened!!! We do not want any dead people walking back in the show, there are already enough vilans, if you want more bring new ones rather than bringing back the dead! 8) And tell your creative head to get a grip of the show or bring back Vikas Gupta atleast he understands the essence of the show!!! 9) The old music tracks suited the show and we could relate them to Premeer, the new ones we are simply not good enough!!!


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