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Reinstate Karen James wihout prejudice!

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Karen posted the following on the pigeonchat.com website and has since been suspended for doing it. Whatever happened to freedom as speech, and surely as a fully paid up member of the RPRA she has the right to criticies them too. If you agree Karen should be reinstated without prejudice then please sign this petition. "I usually steer clear of topics like this because of the position I am in with regards to working for the RPRA but I am fed up this evening so would like to offer the following...please don't quote me to anyone. Most Councillors have never visited HQ at all and have no idea how we run things. The offices are in a dire state of repair and your staff are not happy. Most are lucky enough to see retirement on the horizon. Some of us are not and we are worried about the stability of our jobs. I would like to think that the new GM will turn things around but the evidence thus far is not encouraging at all. There's a post on here about the new RPRA stray recovery service - yes they are talking about it but they've been talking about it for the eight years I have been working for them and nothing has happened yet. I even offered to have a loft here and drive a van but they didn't want to know. Despite having money in the bank they don't want to spend it. You should see the health and safety issues in HQ - it's not going to be long before someone comes a cropper down the cellar steps and we have a huge claim on our hands. I've offered to throw myself down them at times just to make them see sense. When I suggested staff join a union to help address these issues we were threatened with having our holiday entitlement reduced even though it was already in our contract. Experts in employment law - I think not! A couple of years after I started with the RPRA and before I had my own pigeons I offered to write articles for magazines such as Saga and I got a few published. I also helped organise young fancier exchanges on the continent and we got a few good kids interested. When Brian Tattersall became President he withdrew all funding for both these initiatives. Despite this knockback I took up racing and started writing my column in the BHW which seemed to anger Council even more as I got taken off duties as minute taker at the meetings - just in case I spoke out about what went on I suppose. I gave up writing for a while and then thought - why let the b******s win! I know not everyone appreciates my column but hell - you can turn the page! You have got some good guys on Council and you have got some bad ones. Worst of all you have got plenty that just can't be bothered to contribute. I really hope there is a future for us all but right now it's looking bleak as hell. I applied for the GM's job - eight years shadowing him and representing him when he couldn't be available with Defra etc. Doing a large part of the Blackpool organisation and all that. Didn't even get an interview. My one beacon of hope is that someone will come to my rescue and offer me a well paid job somewhere else. Anyone got any offers because I will do anything else other than this soul destroying job. And no Bilco - I have my pride - I won't do THAT!"

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