Kaptan June Turtle Paradise

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The loggerhead turtle, as the symbol of Dalyan, has brought much prosperity to the area. However, this happy state is now under huge threat from their human counterparts due to intervention by them - namely the cry "Come and Feed the Turtles."

New legislation now in force in the republic of Turkey - The Animal Protection Law - sets out the basic principles concerning the protection of animals and their wellbeing. Clause 4(e) states - "The protection of endangered animal species and their natural habitat together with their natuural lifestyle is an essential fundamental."

The Kaptan June Sea Turtle Conservation Foundation has started a petition to show how much support there is to stop the practice of feeding the loggerhead turtles on the Turkish coast. Please add your name to this - the legislation is in place and we must encourage the relevant authority to take action to ensure it is enforced.



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