Kang Ho Dong Hwaiting!

Ren Grewal
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This petition is in support of Kang Ho Dong. 

This petition does not insist that he return but is a way to show your support for him in these difficult times. It is to show how much we appreciate his work and wish that he would recover and come back stronger than ever. Mostly it is to say KANG HO DONG HWAITING! Please leave your name to indicate how awesome you think Kang Ho Dong-sshi is! Lets make this petition go around the world! Let's aim for at least 10 000 signatures, so TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW to add their name!!!!! Thank you!!!


(Chinese credits to Cindy)

Make sure you check out the blog posts for more information!  Also, check out the facebook page at www.facebook.com/KangHoDongHwaiting