let us be the the voice for the dead and tortured

diane sabin
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people of america-i implore you to sign this petiton of any chance of michael vicks for not playing for any team of football in the united states. two years of prison and a 6 game suspension will never bring back all the dogs he sensely killed for sheer anger. is this what we want to cheer about we continue to quickly forgive and forget these celeberities all for the sake of money and a winning team. We wonder why other countries hate us-are priorities are so screwed up. watching ted thompson on tv - all hepped up with the prospect of maybe hiring vick. Let our voice be heard-that we want a winning team, but not with players with blood all over their hands. Lets be a proud team-not a shameful one. please everyone out there with a heart and a voice for beloved animals-let us stand together and get rid of this plight on humanity. Thank you




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    harvey and daine sabin United States
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