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Don\'t hate appreciate!

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YES I AM FULLY AWARE THAT JOE AND NICK ARE GETTING HATED ON AS WELL ; BUT THATS JUST NOW HAPPENING! KEVIN HAS DEALT WITH THE HATE FROM FANS FOR YEARS! EVERYONE JUST NEEDS TO CHILL! Rude comments WILL be deleted idiots! :) This petition was started July 30, 2008: I've been getting messages on myspace from people telling me to stop this petition because it's just going to make the boys more aware of the hate for their brother, Kevin. You're right; BUT why would I cancel a petition that lots and lots of people happy that I started and want to see this all stop! Plus, it will make people more aware of the hate and maybe we could all stop it! I love all three of the Jonas Brothers equally; but most of the fans don't. I'm tired of this hate on Kevin scheme. It's pathetic and uncalled for! Look; it's okay to have a favorite, but it's not okay to hate on any of the brothers. The Jonas Brothers are a three-in-one-deal. Without one they just wouldn't be the same. Kevin is an amazing artist as well as an amazing gentlemen along with his brothers. Some of you call yourself 'True fans' ; but are you really Do you support and love ALL THREE of the boys Or do you just like one out of the whole band and hate on the others Last time I checked they all had the same last name and come from the same family. They're brothers and Kevin is the glue to the band. He is what holds them together. Whatever happened to "It's about the music" Their looks don't mean a thing to me; but who they are deep down inside means the world to me! You can't have one without the others. Kevin is our guitar hero ; the one with the sexy beastly sideburns (HAHA) ; the one who cares so much about us, the fans! Are you ready to put a stop to the people that don't appreciate him or his brothers You may or may not agree with this petition; but I don't care. I'm ready to stop all of this non-sense whether you agree with me or not! Those boys mean a lot to me and it hurts to see one of them hated on. During a radio interview; I was told that the interviewer asked Kevin about the hate he gets and you know what he said "I'm used to it". Thats not right at all! Thats pathetic and very sad. He shouldn't be used to it ; because he shouldn't be disrespected! And during a different interview callers were calling in and saying "I love you Kevin" and he was shocked to see how many people actually care for him and not just Nick or Joe. Think about it!! DON'T HATE APPRECIATE!!!!! This petition is 100% free; ignore the donation part. As soon as you click 'sign petition' it records your signature! :] Started by: Ashley Powers; HELP ME BY SENDING THIS TO EVERY RADIO STATION OR ANYTHING ELSE :] LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD AND MORE IMPORTANTLY...LET KEVIN KNOW WE LOVE AND SUPPORT HIM!

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