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Advances in Science and Technology happen at a rate significantly higher than what state standards and educators can keep up with. This results in significant gaps between what is taught in STEM classroom and the advancements in STEM fields. For e.g Advancements in Solar Energy and the accompanying results in Energy Effeciency. Educators do not have the time or the content expertise to keep up with the various fields of STEM. STEM experts do not have the time or budget to provide ongoing K-12 outreach consistently.

To bridge this gap, K-12 Nest is proposing an online conference platform where STEM experts can provide K-12 outreach to middle and high school students and educators (stake-holders) on a consistent basis (a quarterly online conference).

Stake holders benefit from knowledge gain and STEM professionals will benefit from fulfilling outreach requirements, establishing thought leadership and enhancing their global network.

This petition gathers support from STEM professionals on one end to illustrate willingness to participate in the K-12 STEM online conference and Stakeholders in K-12 on the other end illustrate the need for advances in STEM be integrated with K-12 Curriculum.

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