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investigation of family court and civil court delaware county oklahoma

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First my sons soon to be exwife took the children out of the state of Oklahoma. She signed papers stating that she would not move more than 65 miles from Delaware County Oklahoma. In June 2009 she moved herself and the children to Ferdonia Ks. Which is out of the state of Oklahoma and more than 65 miles from Grove Oklahoma. Which is around 130+/- out of state. Contempt charges were filed to Judge Barry Denny. She also failed to show up for court date. Nothing was ever done for the comtempt case but my son was unaware of a scheduled court date due to hiring a new attorney and was fined $500.00 for failure to appear. Her attorney continues to ask for child support in June 2010 his new legal representative found that Judge Denny ordered child support in April 2009. But neither attorney was advised to inform either party. This issue has been going on since May 2009 and Mr. Pinkley has not been allowed to see his child or speak with them since December 2009. Mrs. Jessica Pinkley allowed Mr. Pinkley to have the children for Sat-Wed while she was at the casino. In that period of time she informed her attorney that Mr. Pinkley was mentally unstable to be around the children..Mr. Pinkley was then ordered to go get a psychoanalyze report. Mr. Pinkley passed twice with no problems..The Judge refused to enter the report for Mr. Pinkley's behalf. Then they phoned the phycologist to ask questions and he advised Mr. Pinkly is in sound stable mind condition and doesn't require any treatment. The Judge still refused to allow Mr. Pinkley to visit or call his children...Where is the JUSTICE in Delaware County Oklahoma????





  • 6 years ago
    Carol Pinkley United States
    6 years ago
  • 7 years ago
    Rachel Hernandez-Carlson United States
    7 years ago
  • 7 years ago
    Michele Bowen United States
    7 years ago

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