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Justice For Rod Sparks Petition to Try Christopher Sutherlin Jr as an Adult

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On May 28th, 2011 a young, intelligent, strong, friendly, outgoing, and kind person was murdered at the hands of Christopher Sutherlin Jr. and Christopher Sutherlin Sr., who has yet to be charged. Roderic “Roddy” Sparks had a full life ahead of him. Christopher Sutherlin Jr. acted as an adult in his actions and should not be tried as a minor. Sutherlin Jr. was fully aware that by shoving a sharp object into the body of another living and breathing individual would inflict, at the least, serious bodily injury, but more likely death. Sutherlin Jr. CHOSE to stab and kill Roderic. Sutherlin Jr. aimed to kill another human being, my friend Roddy. Sutherlin Sr. was a former police officer that would’ve had training in self-defense. Sutherlin Jr. acted as judge and jury in taking matters into his own hands and murdering another human being. This is just one more reason as to why Sutherlin Jr. should be tried as adult because his actions are directly related to the death of an only child. Two full grown men fighting one seems like it could’ve caused enough damage and I’m sure Roddy would’ve been hurt, but he would also be ALIVE. Christopher Sutherlin Jr. is living, breathing, and walking. Not only is he alive but he is home with his family. He can sleep in his own bed; eat food prepared by his mother, and visit with his friends. Sutherlin Jr. has lost nothing while my friends have lost everything. Christopher Sutherlin Jr. murdered Roddy. A statement that will always be true and will never be denied. Christopher Sutherlin Jr. made an educated and adult decision to pick up a knife and to attack and kill Roderick Sparks and he should be tried as an adult. Furthermore, Christopher Sutherlin Sr. should also be charged for encouraging and allowing his son to murder someone, attempting to destroy evidence, and trying to flee the scene. Sutherlin Sr. conspired with his son to commit murder and tried to help him get around it. Since Sutherlin Sr. was a law enforcement officer, he would also know that a minor could get off easier than an adult. These two men deserve a prison and if they don’t get it, I have no doubt in my mind that they will kill again. My hope and the hope of several other people is that Christopher Sutherlin Jr. will be tried as an adult for the cold-blooded murder of Roderick Sparks. That he will be sentenced to life in prison for taking the life of someone else. I would implore the prosecuting attorney to try Sutherlin Jr. as an adult and not a minor. The actions of Sutherlin Jr. reflect that of a grown man as he made the decision to not only carry a weapon but also to use it to inflict harm on another person. Sutherlin Jr. knew what would happen if he stabbed Roddy. Sutherlin Jr. is not a child, his age might show he is a minor, but his actions show much more.

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