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Justice for Kurt Cobain

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Kurt Cobain was murdered. But the Seattle Police Department, the media, and many others refuse to accept cold, hard facts that practically proves this. Here\'s some things you may want to know about the \"suicide\" verdict: 1. Kurt Cobain and his wife, Courtney Love, were about to get a divorce. (Motive) This fact is recorded in an interview with Courtney Love, and the couple\'s entertainment lawyer, Rosemary Carroll, can testify to this. 2. Kurt Cobain was about to sign a new will, which would exclude Courtney Love. (Motive) Unfortunately, he was murdered before he had a chance to sign it. 3. On March 4, 1994, Kurt went into a coma for 20 hours, because he was forced a combination of Rohypnol (also known as the \"date rape\" drug) and champagne. This date is known as the Rome Incident. 4. Dr. Galetta (the doctor who treated Kurt in Rome), several of Kurt\'s friends, his lawyer, and therapists at Exodus Rehab Center all voiced their opinions that Kurt did not look suicidal. Kurt himself told the police this fact. 5. Kurt bought a shotgun for his own defence. He feared for his life, so he purchased it. 6. Kurt was found with three times the lethal amount of heroin in his system, and he had supposedly also shot himself. Yet medical experts agree that Kurt would have been incapacitated from the heroin before he would have been able to take the needles from his arms, pull down his sleeves, put the syringes back into a cigar box, and shoot himself. They claim he was able to do all of this, just after an intravenous injection of THREE times the LETHAL amount of heroin. 7. There were no fingerprints found on the shotgun that Kurt supposedly shot himself with, nor were there any on the pen he supposedly wrote the \"suicide\" note with, nor on the shotgun bullets. Last time I checked, a person who has just shot themself can\'t wipe the gun clean, nor would he care, if he was as \"suicidal\" as Courtney Love claimed. 8. The \"suicide\" note was actually a retirement note from Kurt to his fans saying that he was quitting the music business. It was NOT addressed to his wife and daughter, as misinformed media sources have claimed. The last four lines of the note, which is the only piece that would imply it was suicidal, look like they are added by someone else, and they are questioned by several handwriting experts. 9. The SPD ruled suicide within four hours of finding the body. They conducted no forensics or toxicology tests. They stool they claimed was blocking the door from the inside was actually just sitting in front of it, and would not have been strong enough to block the door. 10. A man named Eldon Hoke passed a polygraph test conducted by one of the leading polygraph experts in the country, stating that Courtney Love offered him $50,000 to murder Kurt Cobain. 11. Tom Grant, the private investigator hired by Courtney Love to look for Kurt believes that the Rome Incident was an attempted murder. (Visit his website at This is only a small portion of the evidence that points to murder. Read the facts for yourself after you sign this petition - visit, or, or All are informative and well-written.


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