Justice for Jack and Duncan

Brandi Tuley
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We the undersigned respectfully request that Circuit Judge James Souk be held accountable for his contribution to the murders of Duncan and Jack Leichtenberg formerly known as Duncan and Jack Connolly. Judge Souk granted unsupervised visitation to Michael Connolly despite the overwhelming amount of evidence, order of protection violations totaling over fifty in a year and suicidal threats over the phone to the LeRoy Police Department. His mental state alone was was reason enough to limit his contact with the boys. Judge Souk needs to resign as Judge and face a jury of his peers. We believe you are as guilty as Michael Connolly and without your judgement these boys would still be alive. www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-235548 is the link to an interesting interview. Please consider signing your name and not mark anonumous as those signatures will not count.


Brandi Tuley