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Justice for voiceless

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Friends, Very recently, it has come to light that few Police Departments, State Governments like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Few others are forcibily imposing all people accused of small and herinious crime to Narco Analysis, Polygraph Test and Brain Mapping test. It has come to notice that the above mentioned state Government is booking false cases against their opponents (other than those not involved in Terror Cases) for Narco analysis, Polygraph test and Brain mapping test to extract information and settle scores. Based on the relevations, they are using this as a tool to settle scores with the enemy. The police who are subjecting this tests on suspected accused for this tests are acting on behest of Ministers and MLAs are equally involved in appeasing their bosses. Even the Experts working at Forensic Experts are acting on the tips of this Ruling Ministers, Corrupt Police Officals. The Constition of India u/s 20a provides a suspected accused to safeguard his interest. However, this is not being followed by the Magistrates, Judges of various courts of India, giving suspcion of their role with Ministers and Police Departments. I am citing an example, the Andhra Police is subjecting few people who are accused of stealing and other small crimes for narco and polygraph test,however the same police department who were investigating the Andhra Pradesh CM's son involment in murder did not subject him for any of this scientfic test. We the citizens of India sign a petition to the Preident of India, Chief Justice of Supreme Court and to all Chief justice of India that the Scientifc Test should be conducted only for Terror Related cases, Murders only and not on small and petty Matters. The Political parties are misusing this scientific method to extract information and settle scores thereby fooling the court stating that tests are carried out in public interest. On Many ocassions, even the innocent have been proved guilty by this tests. We the citizens demand that the Court intervenes and put a stay on such scientfic test on offenders involved in small cases, if not the State Governments and police Department would continue to Misuse this tests further in Further. Many innocents will become victim and scape goats at the hands of few selfish politicans and police departments We are signing a online petition to press our demand to restrict this test limited only upto Terror related cases and against those who are planning to wage a war against our country. We plead before the President and the Chief Justice to kindly take note about our petition. Thanks For the Citizens of India

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