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Could you imagine dropping your happy, healthy child off to a daycare only to receive a phone call from daycare provider saying your child isn't acting like him/herself and suggested you come pick him up. upon arrival find your child completely unconscious, unresponsive with stiff arms laying on the couch. The daycare provider was cleaning the livingroom while a child layed dying on her couch with no call to 911. Scoop your child up and rush him to medical professionals. This is the exact nightmare parents Doug & Becky Wester experienced. Their three year old son would fight for his life for the next four months undergoing brain surgery after brain surgery cutting away skull and dead brain tissue. Half of his brain was removed in a heroic effort of saving his life. The doctors told Doug and becky it was a weak blood vessel that ruptured. Eli is now home relearning what he can as he's now permanently disabled totally dependent on others. Then could you imagine receiving a phone call months later from child protective services telling you that the doctors lied to you at the request of the investigator working the case and that your child suffered abuse at the daycare providers home. The first surgeon to open him up wrote in the report that there was trauma inflicted upon this child within the hour of the phone call to moms work. Trauma equivalent to a car accident with no visible bruising. (shaken baby syndrome) Could you imagine the horrendous person that did this didn't get charged, the investigator telling you the investigation is pretty much over. there is not enough evidence to charge the daycare. Could you imagine a medical professionals statement and testimonial not being all the evidence needed? Could you imagine finding out the sitter lied during an interview saying Eli had a seizure a week earlier there, but yet this is the first anybody has heard about it. Could you imagine the people that did this to your child is smiling, laughing and enjoying the holidays as if nothing happened. Allison Eustis called the mother of a child that was unconscious, stiff armed and unresponsive then started tidying up, no 911 call, no assisting the child at all to insure clear airway. She cleans her house instead. Why is this being swept under a rug? why is a medical professional's statement not evidence? many cases are tried successfully with only medical professionals opinion, Isn't it the grand jury's job to determine whether there's evidence to charge? She lied while being interviewed about seizures that never happened. A Dr. says it was trauma equivalent to a car accident within the hour of the phone call. She didn't call 911 while a child was dying on her couch, didn't assist the child at all, she was too concerned with cleaning. She's not supposed to be sitting anymore. i guess if your husband use to be a cop you just can't baby sit for a while after almost killing helpless child. Could you imagine somebody doing that to your child then being told they're going to get away with it? Come on with the help of all of you i can send this off for a proper crimianl investigation to be conducted. I'll be sending this to the Warren co sheriffs department and district attorney Kate Hogan to file chargers and if i have to I'll send it the Governor

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