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Justice for Little Kayla Edwards Hands off our Autistic Babies ! End Institutional Torture, NOW ! To: Mayor Deke Copenhaver 706-821-1831, Betty Beard Mayor Pro Tem (706) 821-2504 City Administrator Russell, Frederick L. Phone: (706) 821-2400 Clerk of Commission Bonner, Lena Phone: (706) 821-1820 Sheriff Ronald Strength Law Enforcement Center 706-821-1000, Superintendant Dana Bedden 706-826-1000 Augusta City Commissioners Betty Beard (706) 821-2504 Andy Cheek (706) 796-0078 Marion F. Williams (706) 733-2128 Jerry Brigham (706) 650-1700 Joe Bowles (706) 210-1880 , (706) 825-6894 Jimmy Smith (706) 798-3890 Bernard E. Harper (706) 306-4869 J. R. Hatney (706) 722-5035 Calvin Holland, Sr. (706) 798-5294 Don A. Grantham (706) 738-7786 Board of Education Members Jimmy Atkins, (706) 798-1388 Helen Minchew,, (706) 860-1178 Marion E. Barnes,, (706) 736-8932 Jack Padgett, Jr. ,, (706) 798-2273 Eloise Curtis ,, (706) 722-4020 Barbara Pulliam ,, (706) 793-6721 Frank Dolan ,, 706-373-1874 Joe L. Scott,, (706) 798-8986 Venus Cain , (706) 793-9767 Alex Howard ,, (706) 733-6566 Board Attorney, Mr. Leonard O. Fletcher,, (706) 724-0558 Child Protective Services Child Abuse- B. J. Walker 404-651-8669., 404-651-8669. Human- Terence Dicks H. Hobson Chavous, Chairman David Barbee, Commissioner Frank Thomas, Exec. Director (706) 821-2506 Human Relations Commission (HRC), (706) 821-2506 Atlanta NAACP (404) 761-1266 Email:, Augusta NAACP, 706.724.0390 Governor Perdue 404-656-1776 The concerned parents and US RESIDENTS join their outraged voices around the institutional Torture of autistic child, Little Kayla Edwards Kaila's mom, Teresa Edwards speaks: When Kayla, my Autistic daughter was 5 yr, I put her into Hephzibah Elementary School in Richmond Cty ,Georgia. Starting in August 2003, teachers denied her right to use the restroom, causing her to urinate and defecate on herself on a daily basis.. In September 2003, Kayla came home with bruises on her face, arms, chest, and neck. I witnessed, as well as other parents, the teachers beating on children, and testified to this under deposition. Kayla would report which teacher beat her or made her fellow classmates bleed...To this day she talks about bad people making her friends bleed and thinks other children hate her because she couldn't stop it... I found out the teacher would lock Kayla in a dark room called the "jail room",because I confronted the teacher. Kayla was routinely denied food by the teachers, as other parents witnessed, she would have to watch the teachers and others eat. The teachers testified they denied her use of special equipement and locked it away She and another black male child had to sleep on the bare floor by trash cans while white children slept on the carpet by a sunny window. When I filed complaints, all Board members ignored it. Kayla was told by school staff that her Mommy was "damned to hell for marrying a nigger". When the school personnel found out that I had filed complaints with the superintendants, they filed a false child abuse report on me. I taped recorded a police officer telling me the School Principal filed the false allegation because I made them mad by complaining about children being beaten and choked. I went to our sheriff's dept, tried to file charges and was told they couldn't do anything, even though my daughter had bruises all over her chest, face, and neck. I was later told by the dept that here in the south they don't want to hear about civil rights violations because it reminds people of children being sprayed with fire hoses and dogs let loose. I went to the Office of Civil Rights, & Dept of Justice to no avail, no one wants to stop the abuse. I filed a law suit against the district but they are protected by sovereign immunity, the federal judge wrote in her opinion page that I PROVED ASSAULT AND BATTERY perpetrated by these teachers, with the intent to cause emotional harm to Kayla, and still cannot get justice, these teachers and personnel who allowed the assaults are still working with children. As a result, Kayla regressed back to not being potty trained, has nightmares, draws pictures of the teacher beating her. To this day my daughter is denied education by this district, their own lawyer wrote me to stop bugging them. I went to my District Attorney to file charges, he said he couldn't do it either. When I removed Kayla from the school, the district filed charges against me for educational and cognitive neglect. I tape recorded all the teachers, superintendant's and other district personnel admitting and even bragging about what they did. Two other parents were threatened when trying to file charges, and told that they dealt with me and could do the same to them, that it was in the parents best interest to go away. I found out that two other mothers of black children have tried to get police reports on the abuse of their autistic children by the teachers, they were told: "we can't help you" The outraged Concerned Parents and Residents of the Nation demand : * Immediate Prosecutions against Teachers Annetta Williams and Kelly Towns, and Principal Lynn Duncan * Permanently barring from ever working with or around children again * Federal audit of administrators and social workers' cover up, falsifying documents and medical reports, (Independent FBI Investigation) * Investigation of the school by City & County Child Protective Services * Policy & Procedure Audit of the school * Federal investigation of the Sheriff Department for failure to enforce Child Abuse reporting laws. Little Kayla is protected by the ADA ACT The Nation is watching you We will not be bullied into silence again DO THE RIGHT THING ! Contact Little Kayla's Mom at:

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