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Please do justice with Karan's character and his Selfless Love for Suman

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Request for Creatives of Palko Ki Chhaon Me on Imagine TV Since the moment of Karan’s character entry into the serial Rehna Hai Tere palkon Ki Chaov Mein, he filled the screen with his effervescence, charm, affability and spontaneity. While his mischievous antics filled our hearts will laughter and joy, his tears and pain touched our hearts and made us want to cry with him. We waited every day to see the way he wooed suman and the way her heart responded to his every action, as if she too could not get enough of him, the way she behaved as if her heart took flight every time he came near made all our hearts wait for the day when their love will reach fruition and they can be together forever. But then we were only left to face the shock and disappointment of him being presumed dead and disappearing from the screen months altogether ,just after their getting married. And all this time, the audience have waited patiently for his return, in the hope of seeing their continuing saga and for their love to be proved true and loyal and for them to be together again, only to be shocked to see that they brought back Karan into the scene where Suman is shown to be already married to his own brother and to be in love with that brother. Not only that, she seemed to have absolutely no thoughts or feelings left for this person whom she claimed to have been her god and whom she had seen as to how ardently and truly had loved her and whom she in turn had returned and encouraged his love and whom she had seen with her own eyes , sacrificing his life in order to save hers. By showing her to have completely forgotten Karan, you are completely ruining her character. And by making her give longing glances to Kartik while she is practically living with Karan, you are insulting and destroying not only the good memories that we have of this serial and this couple but you are also making a mockery of all three of these characters, including the family members who are all participating in this and especially of our culture and our belief in relationships and as to what is considered right and wrong and decent. Please bring back the Karan Suman Jodi which gave you the TRPS because, they are the perfect couple. Karan and Suman form a perfect foil to each other. He compliments her sober, serious, shy nature with his effervescence, fun, spontaneity, humor and especially with his totally romantic nature and his extremely demonstrative nature. A Hero is needed like that for a character like hers to induce at least some amount of joy and humor into this serial. Otherwise, it is not worth watching. And it has been proved over and over again all this time when he was not shown on screen. The only reason for keeping at least some of the audience so far was because they were sure of his come back and were waiting patiently for him. But, if you continue to ill utilize his character and go down the present track of Suman being in love with kartik, and keep her paired with him, all will be lost and all of us would have to say a final good bye to this serial. Please consider our wishes and change this track ASAP and make 1. Suman Realize her love for Karan and his value to her 2. Show Karan as growing more mature and impress her and the family and the audience with his maturity 3. Show Kartik and Suman’s marriage as null and void 4. And make Kartik’s character realize the way he behaved with Nandini and the way he crossed his limits and ran after Suman while still being married to Nandini as wrong and last but not the least 5. Make Karan and Suman‘s love prove as a true one which will overcome all hurdles and keep them together always. Also, He is a good looking actor, with natural flair in acting and projects charm in his character effortlessly; please use him properly with a good shave, good hair cut and good ward robe and a well rounded character while keeping Karan’s confidant, humorous, spontaneous, romantic nature intact. Thank you!! From All Ardent Karan/SumRan Fans

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