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Insulin is a right NOT a luxury! Justice's Pancreatic Avengers!

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Imagine if someone told you that it would cost you approximately $300-$500 a month to buy Oxygen (insulin for a diabetic). That's right, something you NEED to live and without it would die. What would YOU do?! And what if an apparatus (glucose meter, strips, and syringes) was needed to determine your "dose" of Oxygen? And that costs about $200-$300 a month!? Everyday a child, adult and elderly person is dealing with just that when it comes to their Diabetes. They NEED insulin to live without it they will slowly decay and eventually die. They also need a blood glucose monitor to check their sugars many times through the day, to maintain stable levels and no complications. With insurance companies denying adults due to a pre-existing condition, and denying children who's parents are above the poverty line or charging 2x the price of needed medication/supplies for an insurance premium,Diabetics everywhere are suffering and trying to live without their Insulin and or monitoring supplies. This is NOT acceptable! How can we deny someone something they need to live. A healthy persons pancreas will function and produce its own insulin, Diabetics aren't so fortunate. For those who can't afford to monitor their sugars they're suffering from glucose levels high and low that can cause severe complications and or lead to death. To turn our backs on these people living with a disease that can cause seizures, comas, heart disease, amputation, blindness and even death is inhumane. But there is something we can do. For my son, her father, his daughter, their mother, your friend. Create a Diabetes life net if you will. A program formulated to make sure ALL diabetics can get their insulin and supplies regardless of their financial situation. A Diabetic shouldn't have to choose whether to pay for their phone bill or Insulin. Put gas in their car or buy a pack of glucose testing strips. It shouldn't be considered a luxury only the "lucky" ones get. It should be a right! Please help us to formulate such a program for easy access insulin and testing supplies at little or no cost all the time. The program should be able to be used every time the prescription needs to be refilled. I ask this of you with a heavy heart, as everyday Each year, more than 15,000 children - 40 per day - are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the U.S. Until we find a cure we need to at least make these children's and adults lives a little easier. Please sign this petition if you support life and longevity for all not just those with good health.. Facts: Diabetics can use up to 2 different kinds of insulin a day. Each vial or "pen" lasts only 30 days. A vial costs at least $150 each and a pen $250 each. That's a minimum of $300 a month for the medication. Glucose monitoring strips can range from $50 to $200 for a 100 pack which can last anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks, depending on each persons individual routine. 

That is a monthly expense ranging anywhere from $400-$1000 a month! These are things that a diabetic NEEDS to LIVE!

This does NOT include sugar tablets, syringes, doctors appointments and or the lab work that is needed atleast every 3 months. 

 Times are hard for everyone right now, moneys tight, jobs are scarce. Diabetics have an extra burden on their shoulders, let's help to lighten this load. All life is important, so its time for us to pull together and PROVE it!!


Join our team to Walk for a CURE, or donate what you can! All proceeds go towards the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for research in our mission!
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