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Justice for Trayvon Martin

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It is open season on our sons. This case was just more of the same. Between the ages of 16 and 26 the unjustified fear this country has for our sons, heightened by gangster stereotypes has created a "get them before they get you" mentality. When my son was 14, I did exactly what Trayvon's mom did; I sent my son to live with my ex-husband, his father. I wanted my son to learn from a man how to become a man. The decision that Trayvon's mom made should not have resulted in a death sentence for her baby. America does not see our sons as human beings. They are chattel exploited for prison profit. America does not see our sons as students, employees, volunteers. America sees criminals. American can not see our sons as musicians, skateboarders or bike riders. Our sons are never boys to America. They are seen as a threat, a problem or danger. A hoodie is a piece of clothing that is legally sold in the store. People often pull the hood up to keep the rain off their head. Where is the crime? We are asked to consider the "facts" today and to be fair and accept justice.The same facts turned around would have convicted Trayvon. Had Trayvon gotten out of his truck, confronted Zimmerman and shot him, the verdict would be different. If Trayvon was White he would still be alive. Reconcile that with Trayvon the instigator or Trayvon the 17 year old who was not mature enough to react appropriately to an antagonist who, to him, appeared out of nowhere in a rainstorm. Would Zimmerman have reacted differently had Trayvon gotten out of the truck? There have always been two standards of justice in this country. Where was justice for Daniel Taylor who went to prison when he was 17 and spent 20 years there for a crime he did not commit? The facts for Black folks are decidedly different from facts for the rest of the country. We are having a different life experience. Black people don't dial 911. The police don't serve and protect us. In 1967 the Kerner report warned what would happen if we continued on a course of discrimination and segregation. 50 years later here we are. Two separate and horrible unequal Americas. Respectably we request that the Department of Justice investigate whether Trayvon Martin's civil rights were violated. As citizens of this country we have a right to make such a request. An investigation appears to be appropriate under the circumstances.




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