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A Triple Travesty of Justice

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Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman Revisited: A Racially Charged Spin on the Facts

A coward Texas lawyer, named John Economidy ran from the courthouse and ran from his client's family down the steps from the courtroom on the 2nd floor after he aided the jury in convicting his client of capital murder. As his client's family came down stairs on the elevator, Attorney Economidy ran down the sidewalk from the courthouse so fast that his coat tail was flying behind and he was running so fast that he looked like an airplane going down the runway. Attorney Economidy was running with his briefcase which had his crossword puzzles and that did not slow him down one bit. The trial judge, Sharon McCrae, an ex prosecutor, after she became familiar with the facts of the case asked the prosecutors – why is this a death penalty case? The jury did not vote for the death penalty, nonetheless judge Sharon McCrae sentenced the defendant, Tai Chin Preyor to death.

A San Antonio, Texas newspaper, the Express and News in reporting the facts of the case made serious errors in reporting some of the critical facts. The Express and News erroneously reported that Tai Chin Preyor, a black man, murdered his 20 year old girlfriend, Jami Tackett. Jami Tackett was not 20 yrs old but a 35 year old, nearly 300 pounder and a major drug dealer. Tai Chin Preyor never had a romantic or sexual interest in Jami Tackett. The relationship was strictly financial. Jami Tackett, a major drug dealer, sold illegal drugs to Tai Chin Preyor who resold the drugs he bought from Jami Tackett on the streets of San Antonio. This was not a drug case and Tai never sold drugs to children or minors. Tai Chin Preyor is on death row in Livingston, Texas where he has been since 2005 and is still on death row.

Tai Chin Preyor did not have money of his own and Texas appointed two lawyers to represent Tai Chin Preyor in the death penalty case. Attorney Michael Gross was the other lawyer. Texas appointed three different lawyers Attorney Michael Gross, Attorney John Economidy, and Attorney Terry McDonald. These three add up to a TRIPLE TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE.

After the trial started and during a court recess Tai's mother and uncle (who had been in the courtroom everyday) saw Attorney John Economidy laughing and talking with the victim's stepfather, Mr. Charles Dickinson in the attorney conference room. Mr. Charles Dickinson was a retired police sergeant and a witness for the prosecution.

Tai Chin Preyor was arrested by the police at the scene and told the police that he was defending himself after he was attacked by Jami Tackett and her live in boyfriend Mr. Jason Garza. After entry into Tackett's apartment Tackett cut out the lights and Garza snatched Tai Chin Preyor's money from his money clip. Tai Chin Preyor told the police that he was the victim of an assault and robbery and was just defending himself. Tai Chin Preyor told the police that he was the victim.

At the trial Tai Chin Preyor begged his court appointed lawyers Michael Gross and John Economidy to let him testify but his lawyers refused to allow him to testify in his own defense.

During the trial Attorney John Economidy ignored Tai Chin Preyor's plea to testify in his own defense and in response to that plea Attorney Economidy crossed his legs, turned his back to his client and removed a CROSSWORD PUZZLE from his brief case and turned his attention away from his client and to the CROSSWORD PUZZLE.

Attorneys Economidy and Gross presented no evidence at trial for the defense. By not allowing Tai Chin Preyor to testify in his own defense violated Tai Chin Preyor's United States constitutional right and failed to provide to Tai Chin Preyor his right guaranteed by the sixth amendment to have effective assistance of counsel. After the conviction and death sentence Texas REAPPOINTED Attorney Michael Gross to represent Tai Chin Preyor on direct appeal. The Texas Court of Appeals affirmed the conviction and death sentence.

Attorney Economidy aided the jury in returning a guilty verdict. First, in his opening statement Attorney Economidy suggested to the jury that Mr David Pointer (an ex-boyfriend of Jami Tackett's) was the real killer and that his client did nothing and wasn't even there. Attorney Economidy knew this was all bogus. Tai Chin Preyor told the police that he was attacked by Tackett and her live in boyfriend, Mr. Jason Garza, who snatched his money from a money clip and ran out of the apartment shortly after Tackett opened the door. Tai Chin Preyor wanted to tell the jury when Garza ran out of the apartment, which left only him and Tackett. Therefore, he was the only one who knew what happened. Preyor told Economidy that he was defending himself and used a small pocket knife that he won with a purchase of a raffle ticket. Preyor told Attorney Economidy that he was the victim. Tai Chin Preyor also told Attorney Economidy that Jason Garza lied to the jury when he testified that he and Tackett had gone to bed and were asleep when he arrived. Tai Chin Preyor told Attorney Economidy that Tackett was wearing street clothes, including earrings and necklace – not dressed for bed. She was not wearing a nightgown. She was not wearing pajamas. Additionally, Garza ran outside with his shoes on. It was 33 degrees outside.

Second, in a huge flip flop, in his closing argument, Attorney Economidy told the jury that his client acted in self defense. But the lawyer presented no evidence to support the argument of self defense.

Texas then appointed new counsel Attorney Terry McDonald to represent Tai Chin Preyor in a postjudgment proceeding permitted after the denial of the appeal. Attorney Terry McDonald never took the time or trouble to meet or confer with his client, Tai Chin Preyor and was given ample opportunity to properly present the ineffective assistance of trial counsel claim at an evidentiary hearing. Attorney Terry McDonaldapproached his client and his client Tai Chin Preyor turned and looked at Terry McDonald and asked, “Who are you”? Attorney Terry McDonald did not properly present the ineffective assistance of trial counsel claim and Tai Chin Preyor was therefore denied any post judgment relief by Texas.

By this time Tai Chin Preyor's family retained private counsel, a Beverly Hills lawyer, Brandy Estelle. Attorney Estelle filed a petition in Texas alleging ineffective assistance of trial counsel and seeking post judgment relief. Post judgment relief was denied by Texas claiming procedural default of the claim of ineffective assistance of trial counsel.

Next Brandy Estelle filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus in the Federal District Court in San Antonio,Texas. At this time Preyor had exhausted his state remedies.

In the Federal District Court Judge Fred Biery Jr. stated that the decision not to call Tai Chin Preyor to testify in his own defense was "adequate representation" and the decision not to call Tai Chin Preyor to testify in his own defense constituted a reasonable exercise of professional judgment." SAY WHAT?” Judge Fred Biery's words were nothing more than voodoo judicial language.

Attorney Brandy Estelle then had to go to the Federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which merely rubber stamped Judge Biery's opinion. It should be noted the 5th Circuit stated that Judge Sharon McCraetold the jury that Tai Chin Preyor had "elected not to testify." There is nothing in the record to support Judge Sharon McCrae's statement to the jury. Texas, Judge Biery and the 5th Circuit court of Appeals all agree the decision not to testify was made by Attorney John Economidy and Attorney Michael Gross.

Attorney Brandy Estelle next went to the United States Supreme Court with a Petition for Writ of Certiorari.

The Supreme Court denied certiorari. The United States Supreme Court denied 150 petitions forWrit of Certiorari. Not fifty not one hundred, but one hundred fifty all within a few days (Tai's writ had to be submitted byJune 14, 2014) before the Court went on vacation July 1, 2014.

There is an underlying fourth travesty of justice. It is a shame and a travesty of justice that Tai Chin Preyor can be executed or killed by Texas because he was prevented from telling his version of the incident by his Texas appointed lawyers. These Texas appointed lawyers prevented Tai Chin Preyor from telling the jury his side of the incident.

If you think that Tai Chin Preyor was denied due process, fundamental fairness and his rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and you agree that the United States Supreme Court should stop this travesty of justice, please sign this petition.

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