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We, the undersigned, call upon President Karzai and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for immediate action. This petition is a resounding plea from concerned persons around the world seeking justice on behalf of fifteen year old Sahar Gul who was brutally tortured and mutilated by her Afghan in laws.

In 2011, fifteen year old Sahar Gul was brutally assaulted by her mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, and husband. She was forced to marry her husband when she was twelve years old and was immediately enslaved. She was imprisoned in the basement of her home for months, starved, beaten regularly, burned throughout her body, and sliced with a knife to the point that she could not walk and was wheel-barreled away to the hospital due to her relatives intervention.

Subsequently, in a secret court hearing, the perpetrators of these unprecedented acts of violence, were released by the Afghan Judiciary.

We demand the immediate transparent prosecution of the perpetrators, in a fair and open trial.

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