Justice for Planet Aid Brooklyn NY Bin Worker 2007

Bob Meadows
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Justice for Planet Aid Brooklyn, New York, Collection Bin Worker, 2007

The Petition

We the undersigned are demanding:

Human rights for former Planet Aid Inc. Brooklyn, New York Headquarters, Clothing Bin Maintenance worker, Mr. Bob Meadows! We the undersigned demand justice and an investigation into the unconstitutional deprivation of 14th amendment, contract and other rights, of New York State resident and citizen worker Bob Meadows!

Planet Aid Inc., must be held accountable for the actions against the rights of their own former Planet Aid Brooklyn, New York headquarters employee, Mr. Meadows.

We demand that there is an investigation by the Dept Of Justice/FBI, regarding the unconstiutional 5 year denial of his 14th amendment and all other applying rights in the Eastern District Federal Court of New York, its Pro Se office, the Pro Se Clerk Vega and Hon. Judges Townes, Bloom and Carter; and also by Planet Aid Inc itself and it's lawyers Andra Hutchins and Andrew Hyams. making the case an international human rights issue since Mr. Meadows has been treated as if he was NO LONGER A CITIZEN, A RESIDENT OR A HUMAN BEING! WITH NO RIGHT TO ACCESS THE COURT, NO DUE PROCESS, NO CONTRACT RIGHTS, AND NO NEW YORKS STATE WORKER RIGHTS TO PROTECT HIM!

We further ask for an investigation by the New York State Tax dept and the NYS and US labor dept, regarding Planet Aid’s unauthorized, non compliant standing in New York state and its unlawful treatment of its employee, Mr. Meadows. Including the fact that Planet Aid refused to give Mr. Meadows an employee ID card, and did not pay his employee taxes to New York State! and Mr. Meadows' 2007 Planet Aid W2 statement was inflated like a balloon by $800.00! Money he never received. All of this fraud upon his person and his social security number, committed by Planet Aid Inc of Brooklyn NY. Planet Aid is not registered at the Kings County (Brooklyn) Clerk's office where they have had their Planet Aid Brooklyn NY headquarters since at least 2006, and where they still have their Clothing Bins. Their is a "Fail to Find" from that clerk's office attesting to this fact. yet Planet Aid was allowed to defraud New York workers and pretend to be a duly registered New York employer.

If these New York State and Federal entities cannot or will not investigate these matters it should be investigated by the Dept Of Justice/FBI.

The New York State federal Court and jurisdictional Depts. are sending the message that New York citizens, residents, Americans, have no rights and will find government agencies & depts abrogating their own sworn duty to uphold the laws of our city, state and to the people of the state, when it comes down to law abiding citizens victimized by a large corporation. The message begin sent is that even unauthorized, non compliant corporations trump the New York State and US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We do not accept this!

We demand to see Justice and the acknowledgement and enforcement of Mr. Meadows' City, State, citizen, worker, constiutional and Human rights! Justice for this hard working New York worker who took care of 150 NYC planet Aid clothing bins and fulfilled the New York City Council and Hon. Mayor Bloomberg's Administrative Collection Bin Law of 2007 for Planet Aid Inc., only be deprived of the right to work for 5 years, and for 5 years to have suffered deprivation of due process and equal access in a court of law. Now without emergency intervention by Hon. Govenor Cuomo, without such lawful and just intervention, as a result of these crimes against him, Mr. Meadows will lose his family home next month, Dec 2012. ( A way to give donations via email will be a be added to this petition soon.)

We demand that Planet Aid pay Mr. Meadows his monies due! His final paycheck, expenses, and that he be paid 5 years back wages for the breach of work contract they reneged on.

Further we request that the Hon. New York State Governor Cuomo ensure that former Planet Aid Brooklyn NY Clothing Bin Worker Mr. Meadows does not lose his family home within weeks, as a direct result of this travesty of justice, fraud, and crime, of city, state and constitutional rights deprivations.

This is a human rights issue for which all New Yorkers and Americans should be following; it reveals our own New York State and City .gov Depts, blatantly depriving and unconstitutionally abrogating the rights of a law abiding, hard working fellow New Yorker, and American, for a non compliant, Brooklyn, NY based non profit company, Planet Aid inc., who has shown nothing but arrogance and contempt for the statutes and laws of New York and has taken full advantage of New York resident employees and New York donors, without paying (employment) taxes to New York State. Mr. Meadows found the job from a listing with the Brooklyn New York Chambers of Commerce.

We the signed also ask that any other New York State Planet Aid employees or former employees please come forward if their New York State employment taxes were not paid to New York State by Planet Aid Inc, as is the case with Mr. Meadows.





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