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Justice For Nina

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Hi! My name is Nina. I live with my mommy and my brother. I stay inside and I even sleep in mommy's bed with her. I love my family and they love me. My mommy puts me outside on my lead for me to get some fresh air and to use the potty. I really wish I could run free like all the other dogs, cats, geese, goats, ducks and chickens do that live here but mommy tells me no. She said that the neighbors don't like me because I am a pitbull. I know that I have been a bad girl and chased cars, golf carts, cats, geese and other dogs but I didn't know I wasn't supposed to. I see other dogs chasing stuff and I thought I was supposed to too. And those darn geese have chased me too. But I would never hurt a human unless it was trying to hurt me or my family. I really am a good girl. I am very sweet and I am always anxious to give kisses to everyone. Look at me, I am so pretty. Who wouldn't like me? It confuses me so much. The humans don't realize how smart I am. I can understand some of their words and I can also sense their bad intentions. Some people yell at me and threaten to do mean things to me. Some of them even swing sticks and stuff at me. Other dogs ride by in their mommy and daddy's vehicles barking and growling at me and this excites me because I am a very curious creature. Some of the other dogs in my neighborhood run past my house or even come into my yard and growl and bark at me too and to me, this is a threat. Not only to me but to my family that I would die protecting. If people would just open their minds some and maybe stop by and ask my mommy if I bite or if I'm mean, they would see that I am a very sweet, loving, loyal protective girl. Maybe then mommy would let me run loose to play without worrying someone would hurt me.

On Dec 17, 2015, it was later in the afternoon and my mommy put me out on my lead to potty and get some fresh air. She had to run some errands in town. She left my brother at home with me because she was headed to get some Christmas things and didn't want my brother to peak at them. My brother was inside when the mean man from down the street, Percy Lunsford, pulled up in his truck and started to shoot at me. I was scared to death but I couldn't run away and hide because I was on my lead. He shot me a few times and I fell to the ground. He walked up and stood over me and shot me some more. I don't know how many times he shot at me but it was a lot. My brother heard the noise and was looking out the window in the door to see what was going on. My poor brother saw what that mean man did to me. I know he was just as scared as I was. He had to be. After that mean man stopped shooting, he unhooked me from my lead and dragged me to his truck. He put me in the back of his truck and he drove off. He took me down the dirt road and threw me away like I was trash. I laid there all by myself. I had been shot at least 6 times. It was dark and I was alone I had been hurt so much. I was supposed to be at home in my mommy's bed where it was warm and safe. Percy waited for my mom to leave that day and he killed me. He tried to cover up what he had done even by trying to hide my poor bloody body. My brother called mommy and told her what the mean man did to me and she called the sheriff's department. My brother did such a great job at telling the deputies exactly what happened. He is so brave. That night mommy came looking for me just like I knew she would. She found me and took me home where I belonged. I was buried in the yard where I will always be remembered and close to my family. I knew she would find me and bring me home just like I know she will always love me and miss me and do everything she can to get justice for what that mean man did to me and my family. My pain is over but theirs isn't. But I am up here watching over them protecting them from here.


We would like to bring Percy Lunsford to justice

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