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Justice for Lee Calvert

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Lee Calvert, 24 years old, a normal lads lad from a council estate in Holme wood, Bradford. Lee was a very popular lad in the estate and had many friends and a very close bond with his sister and mum and his 2 nephews who all lived on the same street next door to each other.

For a living Lee bred animals, he loved animals, he loved them so much he turned vegetarian 8 years ago. Lee bred monkeys parrots and rare bulldogs, all worth a lot of money. Personally for me I think this is where Lee's issues starting with certain people on the estate, well I say certain people there was only one group of males on the estate that didn't like Lee ... for one Lee was not shy about flashing his cash that he had earned from his animals, he loved jet skiing with his nephews in the hot weather so he would splash out on jet skis and motorbikes also he loved quad bikes.

This certain group of males disliked Lee they have never got on its an estate like "who is the best", "who has the most money" and in the case of Lee they presumed Lee was selling drugs due to him flashing the cash so they would try to bully Lee but one thing Lee did, was stand his ground he would not allow people to bully him, it is just the same has I am doing now standing Lee's ground for he is innocent and I have been targeted too, yet I have stood my ground and stood firm, Lee used to think it was funny that these people presumed he was selling drugs and would laugh it off, he had no reason to explain to them what he was doing. Due to this people would phone the police and give them false intelligence that Lee had drugs in his house. Lee's house was raided 30 times and each time NOTHING WAS FOUND …. After that more intelligence was reported about Lee this time saying he had firearms, his mums, his sisters and Lees house was raided over 40 times in one year and each time NOTHING WAS SEIZED …. By this point police really disliked Lee because he laughed them in the face he had a very cocky attitude towards them and made it quite clear to them "stop harassing me, you don't have nothing on me".

In the months running up to the murder Lee was jumped in a nightclub in Bradford by the group of males from the estate, they didn't like Lee, they made quite a mess of him, I remember the armed police car slowing down as he was outside the house and the officer laughed at Lee and said "Shame I don't have a first aid box for you, but even if I did I would not on you, you could die for all we care" …. Me and my mum just stood there gobsmacked.

The hassle didn't stop there, Lee had a brick put through his window by the son of the man that was killed, at this point Lee had had enough, he went up to where he was staying in a caravan and fought him … And they rang the police again saying Lee had a gun yet again armed police ripped all our houses apart NOTHING SEIZED.

The 14 th October 2013 Lee was sat in Subway having something to eat with his friend, Police surrounded the premises and told Lee he was under arrest for murder. Lee's reply to that was ‘WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT? ... MURDER?' Lee was taken to the station and questioned about a murder that had happened the previous night, the victim was the father of one of the lads Lee disliked so it would only be fair to say that Lee would have been a suspect. nobody mentioned Lee until 3 days later whilst he was still in custody, a female witness said she knew it was Lee Calvert by "his eyes, Lee had evil eyes", yet in two previous statements she had stated that it was too dark, she could not recognise anyone all she knew is that "they wore all black and there face was covered".

They kept Lee another 4 days in custody, 7days in total they left him rotting in there before they decided to charge him and remanded him in custody. The man who was murdered was shot in the leg and acid poured on him he survived 5 days in hospital before he passed away .

3 facts to this case ...

• A black Mitsubishi warrior 4x4 was used

• A 9mm gun was used

• Acid was used

None of these were ever recovered, it's also unknown how many people were involved in committing the murder, some say five, six or even seven ... however Four were convicted.

Despite the fact that Lee was arrested just 10 hours after the incident, checks for gunshot residue proved negative, as did checks for any traces of acid ... despite a full body and cavity search.

Cell Site analysis showed that Lee was nowhere near the scene of the crime ... this became an important fact during the trial.

Whilst in custody, Lee was advised by his solicitor to not comment on any questions the police asked of him, Lee wanted to tell the police his whereabouts but his solicitor told him not to, and not to worry ... he will "get out".

He was on remand for 6 months when the female witness finally decided to do an ID parade. She picked Lee out but when ask in the room have you ever seen a picture of Mr Calvert she replied "No" …. That same month she confessed that prior to the ID parade she was shown a picture of Lee on Facebook by her daughter.

Whilst Lee was on remand in Armley jail, he and his co-defendant's were put on an induction wing, on "protection" as the prison had intelligence that there was "5 grand on their heads", whilst on protection they were locked up 24/7, only allowed out to shower and this was two at a time, on the odd occasion they would allow all four of them out for association but only them, nobody else ... Armley jail really got the lads down, they was being treated like dogs, so they all barricaded themselves in and said they were going to "hang themselves", the next morning they were all moved to different jails.

When Lee left that jail in December, a man came forward and said that Lee had confessed, apparently Lee and his co-defendants had been sat in this man's cell and told him that they were the murderers, but this man's story didn't add up, in his first statement, he didn't know whether it was a man or women that had been shot also he never knew anything about the acid. In his second statement he said there was a women was screaming, he also said that Lee had told him that he did everything ... this man made ten statements and all of them were different he didn't know anything that wasn't public knowledge, Lees case was in the local newspaper for 6 months ... he knew no different to what they was written in the newspaper.

When Lee and his co-defendants finally got to trial, the first witness to take the stand was the female witness, She had been on the stand for 18 minutes when she said "she presumed it was Lee Calvert", the police pulled her off the stand.

The court was turned into a circus there was armed police everywhere even stood at the courts door they even had a metal detector fitted on the entrance of the court room door specifically for that trial police, would search all family members going in.

The second witness to take the stand against Lee was the prisoner from Armley, this man said that he didn't mind coming to court, yet on the day he was due to give evidence he refused to come up from the holding cells unless the police would get him some cigarettes, which they did, he then demanded a screen (to remain anonymous to the public and defendants), he then changed his story again saying he didn't want people to know who he was, this man who nobody knows even this day took the stand. he had 136 convictions for deception , false representation, Tricking old ladies to get into their homes so he could steal from them, he targeted the elderly and the most vulnerable people in society, this man had been in jail for most of his adult life, it also came out in court that this is not the first time this man has stood up in a court and given prosecution "prison cell confession" evidence, he had done so two previous occasions.

The defence solicitor said that there is "no way a juror will believe this man" and the women had already said "presumed" making her testimony worthless so the solicitor said "they will not believe her", yet for a guilty verdict the jury had to believe both people to get a conviction.

Lee's solicitor gave no defence for Lee, he told Lee not to take the stand, he said "there is no possible way you will get a guilty", so Lee's alibi and all his defence was not used in court.

During the trial, the prosecution had mentioned the fact that Cell Site Analysis had shown that Lee was nowhere near the scene of the crime, only for the judge to comment "Mr Marsden ... do you realise what you have just said? if you get this wrong this is your job on the line".

The day of the verdict, I knew there was something wrong, I was outside having a cigarette and the police helicopter was hovering over the court, the jury had only been out for 6 hours on a 6 weeks trial. I was scared, I knew something was wrong, as I got in the lift with the usher I said "has the juror come back?" she looked at me with one tear rolling down her cheek and said "Yes" at that point my legs gave way I knew it was bad news, I fell to the floor crying as I heard his name being shouted to come to court, I don't know how I did it but it took some strength to go in that court and focus on Lee. He knew as soon as he saw me that it was bad, the chairperson of the jury stood up as if she could not get the words out, she was crying as she said "guilty". the judge was taken back, I was screaming my whole body was sliding down the glass shouting "NO LEE ... NO LEE" … My heart was ripped out within that second my brother was innocent how could they find him guilty ... Lee stood up and said "you can't do this, I am innocent" at that point four G4S guards jumped on him, he hit one, he was taken down the stairs and I collapsed outside the court room while the family of the man who died were laughing in my face ... Lee was so bad down in the cells he collapsed twice and had to be brought back round with oxygen.

Lee was sentenced to 36 years in prison.

I got back home and me and my mum just feel to are knees we was so bad we could not even comfort each other within a hour the victims family come chanting past they had wrote guilty on a sheet and hung it to a van blasting there horn I went outside and fell to my knees they was acting like they had just won a game of football ... That week I was so bad I was put on sleeping tablets I just could not function I knew my brother was innocent and it never came out in court .. The following months I was targeted I had constant abuse i was pointed at and talked about but all this did was build me stronger me and my mum stayed were we lived we took the abuse and ever since we have stood strong and we will stand strong till my brother is home were he belongs and the real murderer is caught because we know lee is innocent

Lee has only 2 previous convictions one is for fighting on a drunken night out and the other was for stealing a cannabis plant, though he has been arrested a number of times based on "intelligence" alone .


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