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Justice for Brianna Lopez

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This is the horrific story of a beautiful baby girl, who suffered at the hands of 3 monsters. Her story is known throughout most of the world and still has not gone unnoticed, and I won't let it. I have recently heard Brianna's story and read that her mother, Stephanie Lopez, may be let out for parole in 2016! I feel that in this case justice has not been served and with the help of mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends around the world we will make our voice heard to make sure she does her full sentence. Brianna was an angel from God, she had her purpose in life even when it wasn't the best. Her purpose was to open our eyes and realize how many children suffer at the hands of their own parents. How child services fails them when they're given back to only be taken. Our own judicial system does not give them the proper sentencing they should. I seen rants, I've heard and read opinions and now it's time to put our foot down and make sure child abuse stops and no child endures the same torment that baby Brianna did. If you do not know about baby Brianna you can click on this link and it will explain everything about the story of the 3 monsters and an angel named Brianna Lopez...You be the judge


July 2002, 5-month old Brianna Lopez, born premature in February of that year in Las Cruces, New Mexico, died a brutal death after suffering some of the most horrific abuse I have ever heard a child having to endure.

In her short 5 months of life, she was pinched, thrown in the air, slammed on the ground, repeatedly bitten and sexually penetrated by her father and uncle.

The autopsy of Baby Brianna revealed that she died from cranial cerebral injuries. She had bruising and scraping injuries throughout her head, as well as on her upper forehead. She had numerous human bite marks all over her body and head, fifteen in total. There were extensive injuries to Baby Brianna's head and fatal injuries to her brain. She had bleeding within the membranes around the brain as well as around the nerves of her eyes. The autopsy revealed that Baby Brianna's skull was fractured in two places, on two different bones, and that the fractures were 5-7 days old.

An examination of the membranes around the brain showed the presence of both old and new blood, indicating that Baby Briana had received a separate brain injury in the past. Baby Briana's optical nerves were filled with both fresh and old blood which meant that she had been violently shaken on at least two occasions. Baby Brianna suffered two rib fractures on the right side of her chest several weeks before her death. She also had bucket handle fractures on both her right and left thigh bones as well as a fracture through the top of her left arm. These injuries were the result of her limbs being forced, twisted, or yanked. Baby Briana's anus and vagina were also injured.

The autopsy also showed her anus and vagina were both injured. She had a significant abrasion on her buttocks, which went all the way into the buttocks, that was consistent with sexual assault. Immediately after she was pronounced dead, a nurse observed that her anus gaped open with no muscle tone. The autopsy revealed her anal opening was dilated to a full inch. Internal examination showed an injury a half-inch to an inch inside the anal opening and vaginal injuries inside the labia minora, including three small injuries to the hymen.

Her small body was literally covered from head to toe in bruises and bite marks. She also had older injuries that included fractures to her skull and legs.

From the Facebook Page dedicated to her, we read, “On the night of her death she had been thrown to the ceiling and hit the floor three times and also sexually penetrated. When authorities found her it shocked them so badly they needed counseling. Her father and uncle had raped her and were also the ones who threw her to the ceiling without catching her during a night of drinking. Her mother caused the many bite marks on different occasions and also pinched Brianna when she became frustrated with her baby. Briannas father, Andy Walters would throw her when he became frustrated. On Friday July 19th at 10:00am Brianas mother Stephanie Lopez, woke to find Brianna not breathing and called 911. On Friday July 19th at 11:10am 5 month old baby Brianna Lopez passed away at Memorial Medical Center in Las Cruces from the injuries that were a result of this abuse.”

This poor little girl never felt a single second of love or affection in her short 5 months of life.

As if not abused enough in life, no one came forward to claim Brianna’s body, so the community banded together and claimed her, giving her a decent burial. Then, remaining family members came forward and decided to claim this poor child’s grave, erected a cage around her grave to keep community members who would erect a headstone as well as keep flowers on her grave, out.

Inmate Michelle on Stephanie- As the anniversary is approaching I find myself once again remembering Baby baby is 5 mths old and as I hold him in my arms my heart aches for Brianna.
I was in Grants Womens Correctional FAcility with Stephanie Lopez….can u beleive this girl walks among population without a care in the world! She works as a college lab aide and is well taken care of financially from her family. Worst of all she still gets visits from her son. Stephanie is living the life in prison and has a girlfriend! HA! The address u have posted for her is to the mens prison itt is actually PO BOX 800 grants nm 87020!

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