People against the mindless use of Julian Polachek

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There is no questioning that Julian Polachek's single-handed exploitative haranguing of goats is the worst thing that anyone in history has ever done, ever. But, one must certainly agree, Julian Polachek's actions over time can be linked to all moral and physical disasters that currently befoil our society. His unethical treatment of Australian people, animals, property, foods, jelly based desserts and undergarments has been a scourge on the Australia's multi-cultural landscape for far too long. Please help us to end his frotting of our way of life by signing this petition and put an end to his beardy, sturdy calved, hard decking of everything that is good in this fragile globally warming world. Think about the children and also the puppies that he lawn mows over and take clicky clicky action today.




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