Petition for Julian Assange as the First Honorary Universal President

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Petition for Julian Assange as the First Honorary Universal President of the Planet Earth representing the first voice of all citizens of the World Lets Transcend the frontiers of countries religions an languages and the Machine of Politics guided by the only interests of money and focus some sustainability in the Human Values Free Information - Free Education - Free Speech - Free Communication - Freedom of Choice Classified Information means benefits for a class of corporate people and corrupt politicians and World Hedonistic Money God (the actual President of the wORLD) feeding in more poorer classes, by taxes, underpaid jobs , no social security and health systems and unemployment, using the low cost of the human factor as a method to reactivate Economy We need a voice more close the Truth of a more Humanistic Values and Friendly Planet We have to put an End Secret Societies as criminal conspiracy associations that determine the Future of the Planet in the interests of a Few Let's Create a Community of Anonymous citizens of the World to support the future guidelines for the *Multicracy* of the participation of the voice of all the citizens of the World because countries are still the last frontier to cross to achieve World Peace and his Sanctuary - Planet Earth There will the "Million a Day" Citizens joining the Earth Community. We need to rewrite Human Rights along the process of Liberation, Sharing and Fight with the last new Gun in the hand of a Human Being .