Recall Judge Peter McBrien

Connie Valentine
Connie Valentine 8 Comments
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Please sign this petition to RECALL JUDGE PETER MCBRIEN The grounds for the proposed recall are as follows: Judge McBrien is a disgrace to the American judiciary system and an extreme danger to children, petitioners and respondents. McBrien destroyed a young boy by awarding the father custody after multiple investigations substantiated he had sexually abused the boy. McBrien awarded custody to an abusive mother ignoring medical evidence and graphic pictures showing serious physical abuse to her young daughter. McBrien destroyed trees on public property to improve the view from his home. Charged with a felony, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. After receiving a public reprimand from the Commission on Judicial Performance, he was promoted to the position of family court presiding judge. McBrien has now embarrassed his profession by abandoning a trial in mid-session. McBrien issued a judgment destroying the respondentâ



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