Open liquor stores on Sunday in Texas

James Kinney
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I am wanting to have the Texas blue lawq abolished completly. I am wondering why you can purchase beer and wine only on Sundays. it is ok for those peoples to get drunk for a football game. I do not drink beer nor wine. I have to make sure that I get to the liquor store by 9:00 pm on a saturday night. It is a Texas blue law. Why is it ok if you drink beer and wine. You can purchase it AFTER 12:00 pm on a sunday. You can purchase it at 7:30 am monday thru saturday. Is it not the republicans that is runniong this state? It is okay to get drunk on beer and wine on sunday and not those of us that only drink mixed drinks? Is it also that you can get drunk MON thru SAT on beer and wine at 7:30 am, However, I cannot drink my rum and coke prior till then? I will stand outside every bar and get a petition signed until I get this law changed and passes. You do realilize that the extra taxes could go towards security guards in the education dept to protect our children. I thought that was what the lottery was going to do. However, lotto money went to other state expenses. Thank you Perry!!!



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