Allow JPL's Cafeterias to Accept Credit Cards Directly

Michelle Bardis
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We believe that JPL's cafeterias should allow people to pay with credit cards. We would like the convenience of paying with a credit card. Although a Bank of America ATM is on lab, not everyone has a Bank of America account. We also believe that paying with credit cards would increase the amount of sales at the cafeteria since more people would find it convenient to eat there. We also would like to take advantage of credit card rewards as much as possible and allowing us to buy lunch with our credit cards would help us. Earning 1% cash back, airline miles, reward points, etc., would boost morale at the lab. Although we pay with a credit card in an indirect way with the JPL dining card, it would be even better if we could just pay directly at the cafeteria with our credit cards.  It'd also be better for the environment since we wouldn't need an extra plastic card.  Please sign if you support this movement!





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