Journalist Suffering for a Cause

Zakaria Khan
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Through this petition I want to draw the attention of international community towards the plight of a well known Pakistani liberal journalist, Muhammad Kamran who has been facing blasphemy charges and a very possible danger of extra judicial killing by the extremists, has gone into hiding to save his life. Muhammad Kamran holds the office of Editor In Chief of the daily Merit News, Lahore. He is one of the most vibrant and liberal journalists in the country. Since long he has been working for the rights of religious minorities in Pakistan. He made several appeals to repeal the ruthless Islamic blasphemy laws which are being misused against them. Muslim religious extremist put Muhammad Kamran on their hit list because of his bold stance on Islamic blasphemy laws and made several attempts on his life. A Muslim fundamentalist named Muhammad Tariq recently accused him of criticizing Islamic blasphemy laws. He recently approached a Mufti at Jamia Ashrafia, Ferozepur Road, Lahore and got a formal Fatwa issued on October 13, 2012, against him. After issuance of this fatwa the situation turned more dangerous against Muhammad Kamran; he received multiple threats from the fanatic activist and as he sensed his life liberty and physical well being in danger he immediately abandoned his home and went into hiding along with the members of his family. It is notable that no serious step has been taken by the government to provide security and protection to the said journalist Muhammad Kamran and his family. Please sign this petition to raise the voice of international community against the terrible situation of Pakistani journalist and his family.