Jordan Stewart being Expelled from EASD

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Parent's of students of EASD, it has been a crazy two days with hearing about the threats to the school and fearing the safety of our children. Today over 400 students did not go to school due to us fearing for our kids. All due to a student and possibly some of his friends. Jordan Stewart. We also didn't send our children due to the school lacking on #1 letting us all know what is going on, #2 due to as they call it "heightened security" Which does not tell us what they are doing. They didn't even have a bag check today and had different entrances open. Which to me is lacking security for our children. Obviously after seeing two different post from Jordan that are "threatening" I do NOT want this child going to our school. Even if he feels its a joke or not, no one should joke about something so serious, and still continue too. I do NOT want my child going to school with him, or want him on the school property. Especially after the picture he posted last night with a knife. Our children should not fear going to school, and as parent's we shouldn't fear taking them to school and what could happen because of his threats. I have made this petition to have him thrown out of our school district. If you agree to this, please sign this petition. Lets keep our children safe and not fear going to school everyday!

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