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Pure Evil!! Jon Venable

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Jon Venable KILLED a two year child when he was 10 years old! Now after 9 years of being realised on a lifelong licence, has now been convicted of downloading and distributing child pornography!! Even though, this excuse for a human being has been arrested TWICE two years ago for a drunken street brawl and later for cocaine was not sent to prison, even though he broke his licence. Now he has been sentenced to prison for only TWO YEARS after his perverted internet scandal, can this be right??? His identity is still unknown even though in England alone there are about 11,721,722 children under the age of 18. Would you feel safe knowing that the people who are here to protect society, the police, are happy to hide the sick perverted man's identity, who has been proven on more than one occasion to be a danger to the public? Venable pretended to be Dawn, a 35-year old mother to an eight year old daughter, talking online to a convicted paedophile. At one stage, Venable negotiated a price with the convicted paedophile "to abuse her." He even made an E-mail account for "Dawn Smith" and whilst using it, pretended to be Dawn Smith. Venable said he did this "for a laugh". To read more on Venable's sickening, disgusting internet filth visit: Venable had pictures of children as young as two-years old and videos of eight-years old being raped and being made to preform sexual acts and an extensive history of searching and downloading child pornography. Venable told the police how he considered it "breaking the last taboo." I don't believe that the two year sentence which Venable has been given is justice! This sentence is just a FIFTH of the maximum he could have received. I believe that this vile monster should be in jail for the rest of his days. He has been given a second chance after the horrific murder of James Bulger even given a new identity to start a new life, yet, he still brings evil and corruption into this world. If the death sentence was still available in this in country, I feel he would be a strong candidate to receive this punishment as I don't think that this "human" should be able to have the right to interact with human society because once again he has brought evil and pain into this world. When Venable is realised again it is more than likely that once again he will be given a new identity which will be costing the tax payers millions of pounds! Only the judge who sentenced Venable was allowed to see him on a screen which was directly in front of him. Mr Justice Bean said that it would be wrong to increase the sentence of Venable because of his involvement in James Bulger's murder?! In my opinion, I feel, while what he is saying partially true (you shouldn't punish someone for something they have already been punished for) in these circumstances when the two crimes are of such a serious nature through the abuse and violence towards children, the nature of his previous convictions should be taken into consideration as this can be used as a preventive measure to ensure the safety and well being of children. I feel this should not just be restricted to Venable, I believe that anyone who consistently commit serious crimes, putting the well being of others in danger, their previous convictions should help determine their future sentences. Anyone who is convicted of serious crimes on multiple occasions should receive the maximum penalty the law can give. Thank you for taking the time and reading my petition, I feel very strongly on this matter as I have young children in my family. I do not feel that monsters like this should be allowed to walk the streets after serving such a light sentence. This petition is for Jon Venable to receive the maximum sentence possible not one fifth. If you agree with any of my points, please sign. Thank you.


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