Recognizing the Jonang Order of Tibetan Buddhism

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The Jonang order of Buddhism was established during the late 13th century in the Jomonang valley of central Tibet, and continues in an unbroken succession up to the present day.

Specializing in the Kalachakra Tantra and zhentong meditative view, the Jonang order maintains its distinct intellectual, creative, and spiritual heritage of Tibetan Buddhism.

Though the Jonang order was thought by many to be extinct since their demise in central Tibet during 17th century, and were considered to be assimilated into alternative Tibetan orders, the Jonang have survived and are in fact thriving.

Due to the historical circumstance of there being no Jonang exemplars in India to represent the Jonang order during the recognition of the Tibetan religious orders by Tibetan authorities in exile, there is currently no formal public representation of the Jonang order.

This petition calls the attention of the Tibetan Congress to formally recognize the official status of the Jonang as an autonomous order of Tibetan Buddhism.



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