Grandparents Rights

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I need your help to get our voice out there, please sign this petition. I want to get rights for Grandparents in this state. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to help! God Bless you!


Grandparents should be able to have a relationship with thier grandchildren, even though the parents are not together. Courts can make it where there should be certain rules to abide by, so that the children would be protected.

        Listed below you will find some intresting findings related to Grandparents and Grandchildren.


The grandparent-grandchild bond is a separate and unique human relationship, second only in emotional importance to the parent-child bond.
Grandparents and grandchildren have a complex relationship that comprises the biological, psychological, intellectual, social and spiritual "dimensions" of human experience.
The grandparent-grandchild relationship is an "illuminating" relationship that is a repository of the purest form of human love- unconditional love- non-judgmental love, freely given simply because the person exists.
The grandparent function is built on basic truths that may be expressed differently in different societies.
Grandchildren learn things from their grandparents they learn nowhere else. Contact with a beloved elder enhances a child's emotional, physical and spiritual health.
The role of grandparents is a template for elders to live a meaningful and useful life. Some roles are: living ancestor, family historian, nurturer, mentor, spiritual guide, crony and role model for the child's future grandparenthood and perception of aging.
The grandparenting role shifts and changes during the life cycle and responds to differing needs of the growing child.
Enacting the role of grandparents helps to maintain the mental and physical health, of aging individuals, as well as fostering a positive identity, and a sense of usefulness, empowerment and meaning to later life.
Some of the functions of biological grandparents can be carried out by non-biological grandparents.





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