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One of the greatest Spider-Man stories has never been collected and released by Marvel. Fans want this bind released, creators approve of this bind, and we’re hoping YOU want this released, but we need YOUR HELP!

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Last year I bound one of my favorite runs – JM DeMatteis & Sal Buscema’s Spectacular Spider-Man run, focusing on the Ballad of Harry Osborn. The undertaking was a labor of love. I propose that the run be collected officially.

JM DeMatteis’ Spectacular Spider-Man needs to collect in omnibus format. The collection had one of the best character studies and arcs in memory – dealing with the struggle of Harry Osborn. The story dealt with family generational legacies, friendships, mental illness, and grudges. The story has stuck with me 20+ years after being released, leading me to get my collection custom bound. Since receiving my collection there are certain alterations I would make prior to a wide release.

Prior to One More Day, Marvel released a truncated TPB, Spider-Man – The Son of the Goblin (0785115633). Material from that trade would be released for an omnibus.

The “Ballad of Harry Osborn,” actually begins before JM DeMatteis’ run, and would include additional material.


Proposed Omnibus Mapping Detail

Table of Contents

SUMMARY INSERT – use the PREVIOUSLY insert, summarizing Harry Osborn’s struggle, that was included in Son of the Goblin TBP.

Amazing Spider-Man 136, 137

SUMMARY INSERT – Include a new summary page, “but the past was not finished with Harry Osborn and shadows from his father’s legacy continued to creep into his life. Amoral billionaire fashion designer Roderick Kingsley becomes obsessed with Norman Osborn, the original Green Goblin, after discovering locations of his various hideouts becoming the Hobgoblin. Wanting more of the Green Goblin’s secret, Hobgoblin sought out Harry. Harry drove off Hobgoblin on more than one occasion, but left the Green Goblin in the back of his mind – possibly as a champion of good.” insert material from Amazing Spider-Man 259-261. Panels would be mixed in with summary text, much like the SotG trade summary.

Amazing Spider-Man 312

Web of Spider-Man 66-68

SUMMARY INSERT – Include a new summary page, “When Hell on Earth literally broke out in New York, Harry felt his own demons come back to the surface.” Gerry Conway addressed Harry in various issues of Spectacular Spider-Man, namely during Inferno. These moments are single panels, not full issues. These panels would be mixed in with summary text, much like the SotG trade summary.

Spectacular Spider-Man #178-200

INSERT – BLACK PAGE. Harry Osborn dies on the last page of Spectacular Spider-Man 200. Include a black, blank page allowing the reader for a moment to digest.

SUMMARY INSERT – “Although Harry and Peter reconciled, the Green Goblin is a power beast, and Harry, in his madness set events in motion, that would reach out beyond the grave.” Include summary of Peter’s parents return and ultimate revelation of Harry’s plan. Include shocker ending from Amazing #365, a few panels of Peter & the pair interacting, revelation Peter’s parents are robots from Amazing #388, include a few panels of Pursuit, ending with Spider-Man 389’s last few pages, with the Harry Osborn, GOTCHA, reveal.

Spectacular-Spiderman Annual #14

Spider-Man: Legacy of Evil, written by Kurt Busiek

_________________________________________________________________________OMNIBUS DESIGN

Omnibus is designed in classic Marvel Omnibus format.

COVER – Spectacular Spider-Man #200 image

END PAPERS - Something Green.

TABLE OF CONTENTS – List each issue in the collection, IE Amazing Spider-Man #, writer & artist name, then release date. Text is set against Amazing Spider-Man 136 and Spectacular Spider-Man 183 as background images.

SPINE – Spectacular Spider-Man J.M. DeMatteis & Sal Bucsema (has spine image of Spectacular Spider-Man #185)

Back Cover – Includes images of individual comic covers contained.


Approved by Creators

J.M. DeMatteis has given his approval for the release of this collected edition. He called the signed prototype a “beautiful labor of love,” and has cited this petition on his blog:

Gerry Conway has given his approval for the release of this collected edition. Conway laid the ground work, planting the seeds for future stories. He gave his approval via Twitter.


How to Make this Omnibus a Reality

Getting marvel to print an omnibus is not an exact science. The key component is word-of-mouth, specifically not letting word of mouth die. We cannot do this alone and we need YOUR help!


a. Many of the contacts at Marvel Comics hold Twitter Accounts, we recommend tweeting them. Copy this petition. Ask for a collection from:

i. Marvel

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v. Dan Buckley

b. Tweet the creators involved

i. JM DeMatteis

ii. Gerry Conway

iii. Kurt Busiek

iv. Ann Nocenti


a. For the price of a stamp, let Marvel know, you want this collection!

i. Marvel Entertainment, LLC 135 W. 50th Street, 7th Floor New York, NY 10020


i. Jennifer Gruenwald, Collection Editor

ii. Mark d. Beazley, Editor, special products

iii. Jeff Youngquist, VP Production & Special Projects

iv. David Gabriel, SVP, Sales & Marketing

v. Axel Alonso, Editor in Chief

vi. Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer

vii. Dan Buckley, President

viii. Alan Fine, Executive Producer


a. If you enjoyed this run, post this petition on boards you frequent, casting a wider net will help us get support.

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