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Jenna and Ryan

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This is a petition started by parents and fellow members of this club and community to call an emergency meeting of the parent board and 4h club to vote on allowing Jenna Van Renselear and Ryan Phillips to show a substitute horse at the county fair this year. While we understand that both of these kids have other horses to be shown at the fair, they are not of the discipline these kids were putting all of their work and effort into. Both kids have spent countless hours learning and training for this year’s fair season. We understand that the horse is the child’s project for fair, however the horse is only half of the project, the child is the other half of that project and was equal part of the project that they now cannot present at this year’s fair. Neither of these children has any intention of showing at the state fair level and neither of these children is going to have an unfair advantage over other children as they have not had an abundance of time spent with a substitute horse to prepare for these events. This is strictly to allow these kids to participate in ALL events they have been working so hard for all year, and so they don’t have to sit on the sidelines after the traumatic loss of their horse, friend, and partner and watch the events that they should be participating in. yes Jenna has a pleasure horse that she can and will show. No, that horse cannot jump or contest, two other areas Jenna has put hours of work and training into this year. Yes, Ryan has a contesting horse he can show at fair this year. No, that horse cannot be shown in the showmanship, and western pleasure events that he has spent countless hours working and training for. We all know how specialized these events are. Lets come together and do what we can to make this about the kids like it is supposed to be. We believe this would be the best thing to help these kids start heal

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