Wearing Trousers in Cold Temperatures

Annie Tooth
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This petitions campaigns for Meoncross Senior School girls to have the choice of wearing trousers to school when the temperature outside is five degrees Celsius and below, as an alternative to a kilt and pair of tights as the current uniform policy stipulates currently without exception.

Our trepidation itself does not regard their aesthetic appeal... far from it, in fact. This matter is entirely one of practicality. It is illogical that, in extreme temperatures including those below freezing and when there is snow upon the ground, girls are obligated to wear clothes that provide insufficient insulation.

Obviously, trousers worn shall be restricted by colour and style. All trousers must be either navy blue or black, to match the current school uniform, without any extreme styles or embellishments - including ripped jeans, unnecessary zips, patterns, studs, etc.

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