Saving JCCS Kindergarten

Andrea DeJong
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Because of the Jarvis Community Christian School board's decision to suspend Kindergarten for the coming school year, Kelly VanDerMolen has sent a motion seconded by Andrea DeJong to the board to have them reinstate the Kindergarten program. Since the budget was drawn up, three partial tuitions (JK) and one full tuition have been added to our school. This would mean a class of 10 students. (JK and SK) We want to have a sense of the level of support for this motion because it means that the budget should not be passed as it was presented in the information for the upcoming membership meeting. There will have to be a motion made to amend the budget so that it reflects the addition of the kindergarten class. Please add your name if you would support this issue as we are planning to raise it at the April 19 membership meeting. Please note that it is currently not on the agenda. Please make plans to be at this meeting as we feel this is very important for the future of our school.

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