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A.R.C., please return Jam, the one-eyed pug, to her rightful owner.

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Hello, I'd like to start this post by saying I appreciate A.R.C. (Animal Rescue+Care, Saigon, VN) and what they do for animals in Saigon. There are a lot of needy animals in Vietnam and God knows we need more organizations like A.R.C. that are willing to give them a chance. With that said, I am writing this as a plea with A.R.C. to fix a recent mistake they have made: A.R.C., has been non-cooperative in my consistant endeavors to re-obtain a puppy that is rightfully mine. Some of you may have seen the previous post about a 1-eyed pug puppy named Jam. Initially, they defamed my name by claiming that I had abandoned the puppy. The truth of the matter is the puppy was never abandoned. After frequent visits to the vet (I will not disclose names) in charge of taking care of A.R.C.'s animals, I was advised that the best solution for my pug's swollen eye was euthanasia (to kill her by means of injection). Roughly 60% of her right eye was exposed. So much so that she was not able to close her eye. It is also untrue that the eye was infected. In fact, the vet made it very clear to me that after antibiotic eye drops and oral antibiotics given to her for a week, that the cause of the swollen eye was not an infection. Rather, it was a case that he had forwarded to colleagues in the UK, who in turn, explained to him that euthanasia would be the best route. As an individual who advocates euthanasia for suffering dogs, I reluctantly agreed to allow him to put her to sleep. This was last Thursday. Upon arrival to the vet, he expressed how saddened he was to have to put the puppy to sleep. He asked me for my thoughts on the matter. Confused and under the impression that the question was rhetorical, I didn't respond. He looked at me and said, "Ok, I know you are an animal lover. And you love this dog. Euthanasia is easy. I'm afraid that if I try surgery, she will not survive because she is so young. I want to give her a chance though. Will you surrender her to me? That way I can have her under my care. I will attempt surgery on her and if she survives, I will let you adopt her back. This way she is under my care and also yours." I agreed to the terms and signed the surrender form which had A.R.C.'s logo at the top. He told me not to worry and said he would update me on how she was doing. I never received any updates. I emailed on Saturday to inquire about her condition. At this point I did not know whether she was dead or alive. I did not receive a reply from them. I figured I would wait until Monday to call and ask if she survived surgery. On Monday morning, to my surprise, I saw a post on A.R.C.'s facebook- A picture of my dog with one eye. I was very happy to see that she was alive but, a bit upset that they stated that I abandoned her, that she lost an eye due to infection and that the foster family was considering adopting her. That's right, they were preparing to adopt her to another family. This shocked me. I immediately messaged A.R.C. and emailed them telling them about what the vet had agreed to. Anxious and a bit unnerved that A.R.C. thought this was an abandoned dog, I commented on the facebook post that I in fact did not abandon her. I also asked friends of mine on facebook to comment on the post A.R.C. made to vouch for me as a good pet owner, NOT for the purpose of defaming A.R.C. The post received a flurry of comments by people vouching for me and clearing my name. Shortly thereafter, the administrator deleted a good majority of the comments and requested people to not make anymore comments on the post. I obliged, even though I did not see how my friends showing support to clear my name would harm A.R.C.'s reputation in any way. I thanked my friends for their support, and asked them to adhere to what the administrator of A.R.C. wanted and to not post anymore comments regarding Jam. I also wrote 3 different messages apologizing to A.R.C. for offending them in any way by me asking my friends to vouch for me. The post was later deleted and reposted with the correction on the abandonment part, but nothing about them adopting the dog to another family changed. That day I messaged them twice asking for an update as to what would happen. I received no reply. I emailed, no reply. I messaged the vet, no reply. Emailed again in the evening, no reply. Fast forward to this morning. I messaged again, no reply. Emailed again, no reply. I called the vet and messaged him. He did not reply or answer the phone. I called him a second time a bit later and he answered and briefly said he would call me back in 10 minutes. I did not receive a call. Two hours after he did not return the call, I messaged him. He did not reply to that. I called him and he did not answer the phone. This post is not an attempt to defame A.R.C. or the vet involved. I'm greatly appreciative to the vet for saving Jam's life by extracting the eye rather than simply euthanizing her. It's unfortunate that A.R.C., in my case, does not want to oblige me with the simple courtesy of letting me know what is going on with a dog that I love very much. Please show your continued support to A.R.C., but at as a favor to me, a person you don't know, please urge A.R.C. to respond to my messages and hopefully readopt me my dog by signing this petition. Thank you very much for taking your time to read this petition. Best Regards, Edgar Kim

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