James Vega: Squad member and LI for next Mass Effect Installment

Evan  McIninch
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James Vega was one of my favorite Mass Effect 3 Squad members. Many Mass Effect fans feel the same way. I know that Bioware is done making DLC for Mass Effect 3 and that in the last edition femshep was able to have a one night stand with James Vega. This may be due to the petition that was made to make James Vega a romance option, but I wouldn't really call this a romance. I think what fans were looking for is a love story like the ones you get if you romance Kaidan or Garrus or pretty much any other character that is a LI. I also know that the next installment of Mass Effect is in progress. I don't know what they have intended for the next game, but I hope that it is similar to the previous games in the Mass Effect series. If so, I think that James Vega should be a Love Interest(for manshep and femshep). I don't know if this petition will actually make a difference, but I would like to at least give a shot.



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