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My Fellow Jamaicans,
My heart is aching. Over the last two weeks, we have been inundated with stories of lawlessness, brutality and anger- driven acts happening in Jamaica. It has gotten so bad, that our children are being raped, teachers are being assaulted in front of their students, mobs attacks are growing and so much more horrific acts. I, like many of you, feel helpless. As a recent article states, the diaspora of Jamaicans living abroad has influences in Jamaica. The weight is in our dollars and it is because of that we have a say so on things that are happening in Jamaica, MY Jamaica, YOUR Jamaica, OUR Jamaica!!
I am of the belief that we need to be heard, no matter how small, we all must play a role in helping our country. Regardless of the naysayers! Let us come together to alert Social Networks, our local Consulate Generals, our Ambassador and the Politicians in the areas in which we are from in Jamaica and let them know that they must do something!!
This petition is giving all in the diaspora the ability and opportunity to post comments on Facebook, to Tweet and to get involved. All we need from you concerned Jamaican is your First Name, Your State of Residence or Parish, your Zip Code and your Profession. That’s all!!!!
We need to get a survey of the Jamaicans that are willing to “do something”. In the future maybe we can all get together and give back.



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