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Paris Hilton is a so called \'celebrity\' and \'socialite\' who has absolutely no claim to fame other than being born into an obscenely wealthy family. She has been coddled, pampered and wrapped in cotton wool since birth, totally out of touch with the realities of life. When something goes wrong she can be bailed out by daddy or any one of robot-like servants she has on hand to cater for her every whim. It\'s pathetic. Hilton, of all people, had the nerve to create a \'reality\' show when she is one of the unlikeliest people on planet earth to have any semblance of reality in her life. She has also been known to act in B-Grade movies (both general release and otherwise), as well as lip-synch and walk down the occasional catwalk. A counter petition says: \"She provides beauty and excitement to (most of) our otherwise mundane lives\" - which is a statement that proves most of her allies are also self-important snobs with the perception that nobody else has elements of excitement in their life. What the petition also fails to mention is the accountability that everyone must face in their day-to-day lives. Sadly not everyone who breaks a legal condition has the luxury of an army of fans and publicists scrambling to save them from (shock, horror), a month in a low-security detention center. They have to deal with consequences and be responsible for their actions - traits that are sadly lacking throughout society in general, not necessarily just in Hilton\'s persona. Paris Hilton is a pompous, self-serving moron and deserves every bit of the fallout from her illegal and inappropriate actions. If Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to salvage any of his flailing credibility he will dismiss the counter petition with nothing more than a smirk, acknowledging it as another cheap publicity stunt (which in reality was probably designed to sell magazines and gain more exposure for the world\'s number one publicity whore). Well, the public is sick of it. Paris should be locked up before she completely loses all perception of reality. It\'s about time her protective little bubble was burst and so many people around the world are enjoying seeing Little Miss Precious squirm (other than in a grainy online video). She says she is like distraught, and like totally sorry and like sorry for her like actions


This is an unsponsored petition devised by a man who is not only sick to death of Paris Hilton, but sick to death of idiots like her (and her fan base) that think \'celebrity\' is a ticket to do whatever they please.
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