Release of Jesus Vasquez & Armando Vasquez

Rose Garcia
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On Thursday July 11,2013. A group of gang members went to Shasta Court apartments with the intent to kill. They shot a few rounds at the apartment complex. Jesus vasquez and his brother Armando Vasquez stepped up to protect themselves and the tenants of the apartment complex. If it wasn't for them stepping up to protect the people there would have been many deaths on the premises. It is in out best interest to request their release for our safety. They are our protectors not criminals. Therefore, we are signing this petition in hopes of there release. We feel safe with them living in our community. We feel vulnerable knowing they are in jail and the real criminals are walking the streets. We are at the mercy of the courts to release Jesus and Armando Vasquez. Sign Petition in support of Jesus and Armando's jail release.





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