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Help End The Persecution And Murder Of Our Lost Souls In Chechnya

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Imagine with me for a moment please ......

You are born into a world of innocence, a clean canvas for you to paint as you wish. Your life is just beginning and you are hopefully surrounded by love and protection, a family. Those who are tasked to love and protect you at any cost, even with their own lives.

You pretty soon go to school and have your first real interaction with the outside world. You start to develop your people skills, you learn how to make friends and you learn about the world around you.

Fast forward to your first feelings of attraction and the rapid development within the emotional centres of your brain coupled with the massive hormonal responses within your body, when you start to really pay attention to your physical appearance and how the outside world perceives you ....

And BAM!!!! The realisation hits you, you feel different from the others. You are not attracted to the gender that you thought you were. You feel real fear for, hopefully, the first time.

Fast forward a little, you are slowly growing in confidence. Hopefully you have told someone within your family that you trust implicitly, told them that you are now either part of the LGBT+ community or that you wish to experiment with these feelings, to see if they are genuine or if they are a passing part of growing up.

What comes next is beyond your comprehension!!

Open Condemnation and Calls for your Death by your own Government.

Gay Concentration Camps filled with the following ....

Violent Sexual Assault.

Torture With Electricity.


Then there is your Family, those who were tasked with loving and protecting you at all costs, they change the moment you tell them. Those feelings of love and protection are suddenly gone. You could, for example, find yourself being coldly confronted by a relative as your parents look on, doing nothing and in full support of it. You don't know why they are behaving like this. You are timid and afraid. You are backed out onto the balcony and after a very scared and emotional struggle you are dragged against your will and thrown 9 floors to your death. The short 17 years you have been on this planet are violently cut short.

Or ....

You could find yourself, after days of being locked up, enduring the horrific conditions and attacks, have your parents come visit you. You believe you are going home, they suggest a walk and you happily agree. When you are all a short distance away, you find yourself beaten and thrown to the ground. You look up to a gun being directed at you. You stare up, tearfully terrified, that gun being held by one of the very hands that used to bottle feed you, changed you, cleaned a grazed knee, patted you on the back when you did well in school and were once warmly embraced around you. The people, whose smiles once made you smile back, who guided you and filled you with love, now direct such shame and hatred at you that it makes you quiver and weep.

You hear a loud shot and suddenly everything is black.

Imagine if this was YOU ....

This is modern day life for our LGBT+ brothers in Chechnya, ranging in age from 16 onwards and it must stop!!!! Petition our Governments, spread our voice as far as we can!!

Help them escape this and welcome them into our caring arms on our foreign lands!!

Everyone, no matter of race, is deserving of a safe and warm place where they are free to express themselves without fear!!

Please sign this petition, please help end this!!

Thank You

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