Bring Baack It's A Knockout

Luke Surman
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Lets bring back It's A Knockout to TV. (not FOXTEL) Those people who don't know the show please read below and lets get this show back It's a Knockout was an Australian television show that aired in the mid-late 1980's. It was based on the French "Jeux sans frontières". The competitors represented their state of origin, one of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria or South Australia. In each show the four states competed against each other in events that were quite wacky to say the least. Although the competitors were generally ordinary members of the public, some amazingly heroic and athletic feats were often seen. Competing teams were formed from local Apex clubs and other groups, e.g. surf-lifesavers and comprised about eight men and women each. From the Let's Bring Back It's A Knockout Facebook page. It's A Knockout was last shown on Channel 10 in the early or late 90s. But hasn't been on since. And I think no-one knows if Channel 10 still have the tapes.




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